DIY Planters Enhancing Fresh Decoration in Your Room

Let’s make some creation from your unused goodies into something useful like DIY planters for the room decoration. A simple decoration will complete your fresh room situation into a chic and cozy living space. Using the old goodies will save your budget and still get a new decoration. Here are some of inspirations that might make you interested to try. Let’s check it out!

Fascinating Weddytwo Planter Completed with Pink Flowers Used inside the House Placed on the White Wall

The first DIY planters ideas comes with this beautiful Mason Jar Wall Piece, You can make this by simply stick a jar into a board. Choose the strong wood that will become the back layer. Pick some jars and put the plant inside the jar. Stick it using the clamps and nail. Now you have nice board planters. Look at this other samples. It’s called as Planter Box Centerpiece. You can make it by using unused box and add some soil on there. Put the plants on there and you can place it on the middle of the desk. It’s really beautiful.

If you’re wondering about the unused bottles on your house, then you can try to use them as the planters. Look at this hanged bottle with eccentric plants on there. It’s really easy to make. There is also a unique design that you can make from the old book. Here is the idea; you can cut a hole on the book. Put the soil on there. Now you can get some flower or any other plant on there. It’s really cute right? Back to the bottle idea, you can make some stick planters using the unused bottle. Look at the photos for the pictures.

Beautiful Flowers Beautify the Weddy Ornament on Wooden Hanger Completed with some Iron Hooks on White Wall

Well, creating some planters can be a fun activity. You can make your own creation by using the old goodies on your house. It will make a good design with stunning decoration theme. Try to explore your creativity. Share your DIY pot ideas and be inspired with some of these examples.

Attractive Book Planteres Completed with Small Plantations and the Beautiful Flowers Placed on the Small Soil

Awesome White Flower in Glass Bottle Decorating the Weddytwo Planter with Classic Metal Hooks on White Wall

Brilliant Design Plan Used for the Wooden Mason Jar Planter with Wooden Panels Placed on the Wooden Wall

Colorful Flowers Placed in the Tidy Balcony Planters on Long Iron Handrail near Dark Chairs and Black Table

Interesting Details for the Mason Jar Planter Completed with Glass Jars and the Gorgeous White Knobs

Long Wooden Table Centerpiece Placed on White Table inside Cozy Dining Room with the White Chairs

Lovely Blue Mason Jars Used as the Beautiful Flower Vases Hanged on the White Ceiling inside the House

Simple Design for the Wooden Mason Jar Planter Completed with some Glass Jars for the Beautiful Flowers

Sensational Bottle Planters Completed with Colorful Flowers on White Wall Located above Black Dining Table Set

Small Green Plantations Placed inside the White Tiny Planters Used for the Interesting Interior with White Floor

Stunning Corks in the Glass Planter Decorating the House Interior with Wooden Desk and Bird Picture

Tidy Wooden Mason Jar Planter Decorated with some Knobs and the Beautiful Flowers for Outdoor Use

Amazing Details for the Mason Jar Planter with Wooden Panel and Glossy Jar Handle Placed on it

Wonderful White Chair Planter Completed with some Dark Soil and Green Plantation on the High Backrest

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