Eccentric Home Appearance in Two Different Building Themes

Hunsett Mill is an eccentric home that is designed by Acme. The house shows you the old style building in historical architecture. As you can see through the picture, there is farm windmill just like the icon of Netherlands. By the way, this home is located in the rustic area where windmill becomes something common in here. Right now, you will find two different home styles that will amaze you. The first building looks like an old farmhouse while the other one looks modern.

Dark Colored Wooden Outer Wall also Square Shaped Windows

The brick wall design for the front house looks match with its old style appearance. The two-story home building looks like coming from the end of 18th century. It has triangle roof design and glazed windows give a little bit of modern touch to the exterior side. Now, let us see the exterior design of the backside building that looks more beautiful than the first building. It has unique home shape that looks like a crown from the outside. You will see eccentric home decor inside the building.

Of course, you will find modern interior design inside the house. It has spacious living area in asymmetrical shape. Your eyes will see stylish fireplace that also has a function as room divider between the living room and the dining room. Go to the dining room first and you will see minimalist dining room with glazed dining table and plastic bucket chairs in white color. The dark hardwood floors look match with the main home concept.

Black Colored Wooden Wall also Diagonal Shaped Rooftop

You will see the kitchen room at the threshold of the room. It has minimalist kitchen design with white kitchen cabinet and marble countertops. Right beside the kitchen, you can find modern staircase to the next floor. The bedroom is located at the second floor. It has minimalist bedroom with single bed, curved ceiling design, and globe pendant lamp. These are two eccentric home decor ideas in balance performance.

Black Floor Made from Wooden Material also Cream Colored Wall

Black Outer Wall Made from Wooden Material

Black Soft Sofa also Black Floor Made from Wooden Veneer

Brown Colored Floor Made from Wooden Material also White Wall of Fireplace

Brown Floor also Handrail Made from Glass Panel

Dark Colored Floor also Several Soft Brown Door Made from Wood

Diagonal Shaped Rooftop also Vast Grass Garden Field

Red Colored Brickstones Wall also Dark Brown Clay Blocks Rooftop

Red Wall Made from Brickstones also Several Square Shaped Windows

Several White Chairs also Several White Wooden Cabinets

Several White Chairs also White Colored Chandelier

White Colored Pillows White Blanket also White Bed Linen

White Colored Windmill also Vast Green Grass Field

White Entrance Floor also Bright Cream Lighting Inside

Wide Canal View also Big White Colored Windmill Next to the House

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