Eco-Friendly House in Contemporary Design

Contemporary style that is used for creating the eco-friendly house surely brings you to the natural living experience. Natural resources surround this house as the refreshing home circumstances for both the exterior and interior design. A lot of windows that are applied by this house strengthen the naturalistic atmosphere that comes from the surrounding landscape. Environmental nuance is perfectly blended with modernity to reveal the wonderful interior decoration.

Perugino Light Brown Wooden Floor also White Ceiling Made from Concrete

Woods dominate the eco-friendly house design for the exterior decoration. The wood is used for covering the wall as the facade. Strong building construction is showcased from its appearance of square shape. Large glass windows on the wall are designed for continuing the natural light from the environment. Beautiful courtyard around this home is combined with the vertical garden at the garage. The open ceiling plan is used for giving the direct lighting from the sky. Translucent corridor is designed with wooden flooring to connect the buildings.

The interior design is decorated with modernity that is blended with natural material. Iron kitchen decoration is surrounded with glazed door. Laminate floor brings the warm while hung wooden stairs is designed in architectural design. At the bathroom elegant nuance reveals with white color wall that is combined with modern sinks and wooden cabinets. Glazed separator is used for covering the shower room with ceramics wall decoration.

Perugino Shiny Table Surface which is Made from Marble Material

Wonderful home design is designed by blending the modernity with naturalist style. The eco-friendly concept can be applied in perfect application with the use of natural material for constructing the building. Refreshing nuance of the building is synchronized with the idea of surrounding courtyard. Glazed facade is combined with wooden wall for revealing the ecological home style. Gutsy outlook from the exterior outlook brings the comfortable living place with cozy decoration of the interior. Those eco-friendly house design ideas can be the inspiration for creating the outstanding residence by utilizing the nature for home energy consumption.

Classic Theme of Stove Covered near Transparent Glass Material

Floating Wall which is Made from Wooden Material

Perugino Light Brown Wooden Floor also Glass Panel Sliding Door

Several Tall Glass Windows which Has Silver Stainless Frame

Upper Wall also Several Square Windows Made from Glass Panel

Wall Made from Wooden Material also Grey Concrete Bottom Wall

Wooden Fence which is Made from Wooden Material

Wooden Material also Light Brown Wooden Handrail

Wooden Stairs also Brown Handle Made from Wooden Material

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