Egg Shaped House Representing Eccentric House Design

Irregular house design like this egg shaped house is a rare design that you will find. It’s a unique design using the egg as its main structure. Nestled in such unusual location, these are actually good living space with a cozy space inside there. You will feel a minimalist design with modern nuance inside the house. Well, here are some previews of the unusual egg houses.

Amazing Facade View of the Habitable Egg Decorated with Glass Doors and Black Wall beside Wooden Deck

The first egg house design comes from China. This unique house is made by Dai Haifei. He is the young employee that needs a home living with a rent-free. He starts to build his own house using the bamboo. Inspired by the egg shape, the house is built in a minimalist design. It seems like a small camp. Dai Haifei then put the house near his workplace. The next design is this beautiful Fire Shelter. It’s designed by Shjworks and located in Copenhagen. The main function of this building is actually as the fire place to warm the situation on the site.

Next, we can see a beautiful tree house in egg shape. It’s designed by Joel Allen and located in Whistlers mountain. Situated in a fresh jungle right on the British Columbia, this house is made from the wooden structure. It seems like a nest that sticks on the tree. The next design is this famous egg house called Blob V3. It has a futuristic design using the white exterior as its skin. The designer, dmvA, is trying to make a chic house with a simple design. The interior design is also good with its modern furniture.

Comfortable Sofa Located inside Habitable Egg with Glass Doors and Wooden Wall near the Wooden Deck

The last design is this hexagonal egg house. It’s designed by Manuel Villa. With the strong wooden structure, this house is built with a nice hexagon design. Hope you enjoy those unique house ideas in egg-shaped design.

Bright Lighting Completing the Shjworks Fire Shelter Night View with Egg Shaped Building in the Lakeside

Contemporary Habitable Egg Architecture Ecterior Completed with Black Wall and Glass Windows near the Grass Yard

Fantastic Architecture of the Habitable Egg Completed with Wooden Deck and Wide Glass Door near Dark Wall

Fascinating White Wall Used in White Egg Shaped House Exterior with White Door on the Grass Yard

Gorgeous Lighting Used inside Chinese Egg Shaped Dwelling with the Unusual Wall Located in the Roadside

Minimalist Interior of Habitable Egg with Wooden Wall and Wooden Cabinets near Long Sofa under Round Skylight

Natural Green Landscape near Habitable Egg Completed with Grass Yard and Green Plantations beside Stoen Pathway

Sensational Wooden Wall and Glass Doors Completing the Habitable Egg with Hardwood Floor and Round Skylight

Simple Wooden Desk and Wooden Stool Completing the Egg Shaped Tree House Office Space with Wooden Wall

Small Chinese Egg Shaped Dwelling Architecture Completing with a Single Bed and Bright Lamp above it

Unique Shape of Shjworks Fire Shelter Located in the Lakeside beside the Wide Lawn and High Trees

Unusual Opening Used in White Egg Shaped House with White Door and Side Opening under White Ceiling

Wonderful Interior Used inside White Egg Shaped House with White Shelves and the Unique Sleeping Space

Awesome Shape of the White Egg Shaped House Completed with White Wall and the Strong Frame

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