Elegant Cubic Architecture with Strong Concrete Design in Mexico

This house is carrying the cubic architecture concept with a sunning appearance. It’s designed by MMX Studio and finished in 2013 at Mexico City, Mexico. It comes with the grey texture and nice house plans. With a cubic design that modified into a little bit random shape, this house has a unique design. It has a nice block arrangement with a compact design and minimalist appearance. Let’s get closer to look this house detail.

Beautiful Ladies Standing to Take Photo Shoot around Cap House MMX Studio Building Including Roof

The exterior design of this cubic architecture design is using an L-shaped building concept. It has a good setting with the green carpet made from green grass. It has a monochromatic grey theme. There is also a good window setting that will make this house got enough natural sunlight. The cubic house seems like a separated building that grouped into one beautiful house design. The concrete material make this house looks in a strong appearance. Outside the house, a wooden door garage will make this house have a casual accent.

The interior design of this minimalist house is also built in an excellent setting. It has a nice appearance with good furniture on there. You will feel like in a maze when you are coming inside. The roomy space with a good laminated floor setting is completing the compact house design. It has a good detail on its shape. Some glass panel is also built to make the elegant touch of this house. You also will get an indoor yard with a beautiful appearance. Feel the simplicity on this house to get the best harmony situation.

Awesome Cap House MMX Studio Interior Brightened by Skylights and Courtyard Glass Wall with Plank

This house offers a compact living space with a strong concrete design. It has an elegant colour that will make the inhabitant feels like living in a futuristic house. The laminated wooden floor featuring some brushed floor is perfect combination for the concrete house. Share your thought about this cubic style architecture home design and be inspired.

Cool Mounts of Gravel Displayed over Cap House MMX Studio Rooftop Surrounded by Edging as Mark

Minimalist Cap House MMX Studio Entrance Displaying Large Carport in Front of Wooden Garage Door

Modern Concrete Tiled Flooring Mixed with White Pebbles Dominating Cap House MMX Studio Hardscape

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