Elegant House Designs for Book Lovers

The personality of the homeowners certainly affects their house designs. For example, when the homeowners love reading and they have huge number of books collection, of course a house design where can accommodate the books collections. The books collection can be exploited for interior decoration. Beside the space where the books can be store, the house should also satisfy the homeowners to have comfy reading areas.

Complete Collectible Books and Smart Built in Wall Book Case to Accommodate Them

One of the house designs plans of two book lovers is realized by DeForest Architects. A book house is the name that they give for this house. Some giant bookshelves are placed in same strategic room. One of the absolute rooms is the lounge. Two wooden bookshelves are installed in each sides of the lounge wall. The camel-brown color of the bookshelves brings warmness in the lounge. One of the bookshelf is designed with a bookshelf seat in the middle of the bookshelf in where the glass window is set. Other two bookshelves are stored on each wall in each side of the lounge door. The bookshelf can be used to separate two rooms. So, the collection of the book can be showed off in the two sides of the two different rooms.

Another aspect that satisfies the homeowners is the cozy reading areas. A beige mellow L-shaped sofa in the lounge is a snug reading place. A round wooden coffee table is set in front of the sofa. A cup of hot tea or coffee and books-to-be-read can be put on it. A comfy armchair is placed near the French windows. A single table is placed to accompany the armchair. Bedroom is another comfort place to read the books. A wooden sofa is coupled with a wooden bench which is creatively used as the table.

Stylish Details of Books and Decor in Cozy Living Room Interior

In this house book, the architects design many wide glass windows around the house. It brings the natural lights inside so the homeowners feel comfortable when they read. This one of house designs ideas is purposed for homeowners who take books as one of their treasures.

Comfortable Shelters Installation to Support the Folding Glass Door in the Lounge Area

Cool Modern Staircase Idea with Steel Fence and Wood Steps

Mid Century Modern Armchair Placed in the Corner as a Focal Point

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