Elegant Wood Design Applied in Minimalist Style and Design

Wood material that is used to decorate house interior will be able to be made in amazing style such elegant wood design that had been applied perfectly in a project of Long Beach Penninsula. This wood decoration had been created perfectly by The Corey Company Custom Tile which design of a house interior will be able to look more amazing and stylish by applying wooden material detail that had been made modernly in a house interior.

Stylish Wooden Sinks in Rectangular Shape Design with Minimalist Faucet Added to Complete Wooden Vanity with Rectangular Mirror above

Futuristic design of sink in this house interior project is created by applying wooden material detail that had been made in elegant style to design sink. Wooden sink design that is combined with simple and elegant design of marble material actually will be able to create a design of sink that looks so simple and elegant in its decoration style. It is as a new innovation of elegant wood furniture design to design a minimalist house interior decoration.

Drawer designs are also applied perfectly to complete design of this sink so it will be able to create a perfect design of minimalist furniture applied in a house interior. Design of drawer that is made together with design of this vanity is made exotically by applying redwood material design that is completed with stainless drawer handles. Actually it will create simple furniture design that has elegant impression.

Extra Shelving for Bathtub Next to Window to Put some Things Used while the Occupant Taking a Soak

On the other hand design of wooden material that is used perfectly to create kitchen desk furniture in this house design is also looks so elegant and amazing in its decoration style. It can be happened because design of wooden material that is combined with stainless kitchen devices will be able to create a special and elegant design of furniture style. It is such plywood furniture design that is applied perfectly to decorate modern and stylish house interior.

Imposing Double Hung Window with Wooden Casing Balancing Rectangular Shaped Built in Tub with Modern Arch Faucet

Inspiring Asian Style Bathroom Architecture Design with Separated Shower and Built in Tub by Short Walling

Modern Kitchen Cabinet with Stainless Steel Hub and Sylish Shade Matched with Glossy Black Countertop and Tiled Backsplash

Relaxing Shower Design Completed with Built in Seating Unit in Grey to Combine with Diagonally Installed Tiles for Flooring

Stunning Contemporary Kitchen of Long Beach Penninsula Completed with Light Wood Modern Furniture and Imposing Tiled Backsplash

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