Enchanting Modern House Idea with Wondrous Architectural Design

When people choose to build modern house on top of hill, there are surely lots of benefits. People definitely can overlook panoramic view from above. This way, the house will be a great spot to relax themselves and calm nerves anytime they want to. As the land structure is rather in curvy shape, and then it would look great for garden area as it follows the contour of hill. Therefore, curving gardens and carefully arranged greenery can be achieved well.

Adorable Front Yard Landscape Design of House in Madrid with Green Colored Grass Garden and Various Other Green Plants

This house is specially designed by Cero. The contemporary wave also enters in this modern house design. It has white paint color as main theme, with white concrete panels are used mainly for exterior part. There are two levels and enormous amounts of glass windows allowing natural sunlight to come through the rooms. Aside for semi-outdoor spots, actually there is rooftop area designed to meet people’s need of relaxation time. Make sure to make this are safe by using glass guardrails.

There is outdoor themed lounge zone, where people can gather here with friends and families to chitchat together. It consists of curvy chaise lounge chairs in white color choice, along with white plush sofas and white canes armchairs. Floor, made from refined white wood, looks in matching style with main theme of house. There is even indoor swimming pool so people do not need to worry of excessive sun heat.

Amazing Yard Design of House in Madrid with Green Grass and Other Green Plants Surrounded the White Building

Let’s go to kitchen area. It has white theme as well. Dining set is chosen to connect as one with island area. Hence, dining table is from white furniture with wooden legs, whereas red chairs are placed surround. Living room then has rather gorgeous taste. Place upholstered sofas in light gray tone, also velvet sofas in gray color choice. To make charming modern house design, add yellow and dark gray pillows, as well hang red side lamp to give more colorful nuance.

Awesome Yard Design of House in Madrid with White Colored Sandy Road and Green Garden Filled with Grass and Other Plants

House Design of House in Madrid with White Colored Wall which is Made from Concrete Blocks and Surrounded with Green Grass Garden

Interesting Living Room Design of House in Madrid with Grey Sofa Colorful pillows and Windows which are Made from Glass Panels

Marvellous Yard Design of House in Madrid with Green Plants Garden Grass Garden and White Colored Building with Glass Panels Windows

Outstanding Dining Room Design of House in Madrid with Red Chairs and White Colored Table Shape Square

Wondrous Relaxing Room Design of House in Madrid with Glass Panels Wall and Big Swimming Pool with Soft Green Colored Water

Yard Design of House in Madrid with Grey Colored Concrete Blocks as Stepping Stone Green Grass and Other Green Plants Garden

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