Enhancing Kitchen Design with Modern Decorating Style

The contemporary house which is located in Seattle, one of districts in Washington, has advanced the interior design especially the kitchen design. The contemporary style which is applied in this kitchen is wonderful in the way of the practical arrangement and monochromatic finishing. The darker accent of the ceiling lamps base and the cabinet lower part enliven the color in this room as it is synchronized properly in its stylish fashion. The bright nuance which is felt in this kitchen also improves the chromatic finishing of this kitchen.

Black Colored Cabinets which are Made from Wooden Material

In spite of the monochromatic accent, the wooden parquet which is used as kitchen flooring improves the luxurious style of this house space. The neutral character of the wooden flooring gives a lovely look to the kitchen design ideas. This dark wood tone also strengthens the bold character of the kitchen cabinet so that the harmonious combination can be achieved naturally. The other natural integration is shown by the kitchen counter. The in line design which follows the cabinet makes the design look integral since they can support each and other proportionally.

In addition, the style of the appliances also features the modernity in this kitchen. They can also match the design of kitchen is that arrangement. The practicality of this kitchen also improved since the counter and storage can maximize the simplicity and functionality of this kitchen. The practicality is also shown by the high chairs which are placed in jointly position to the cabinet. Moreover, there are also storage and bookshelves which are built in the wall which separates the kitchen to other room. This wall mounted storage can save the space of this kitchen and increase the functional priority.

Black Kitchen Island Made from Wooden Material

The approach which is used in designing this kitchen is amazing. The practicality and functionality is exposed maximally in line with the modernity of the design. The colors combination of kitchen interior design ideas is also brilliant since it can improve the modern look of this delighting kitchen.

Brown Wall Made from Concrete Veneer also Orange Lighting

Dark Grey Outer Wall Made from Concrete also Several Square Shaped Windows

Grey Colored Outer Wall which is Made from Concrete

Horizontal Shape of Rooftop also Dark Grey Concrete Wall

Light Brown Wooden Floor also Tall Glass Windows

Silver Number Plate Made from Stainless Steel

Soft Grey Colored Soft Sofa also Cozy Fireplace which Has Silver Mantle

Soft Sofa also Dark Brown Floor Made from Wooden Material

Stainless Chairs also Black Wooden Kitchen Island

White Blocks Made from Concrete also Several Green Plants

White Colored Washtafel Made from Concrete

White Colored Wooden Cabinets also Silver Stainless Handle

White Floor which is Made from Concrete also Several Black Metallic Pilars

White Pillows also Light Brown Wooden Floor

White Marble Bathtub also Silver Stainless Towel Racks

Wooden Chairs also Bright Colored Floor Mat

Wooden Chairs also White Colored Wooden Dining Table

Wooden Floor also Several Ball Shaped Pendant Lamps

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