Exotic Classic Mansion with Modern Furniture Interior in New Jersey

Built with a barn design, this classic mansion is nestled in New Jersey, US. It has a traditional house design from its exterior appearance. The green situation around the house make this mansion seems like a luxurious building with a complete feature. It has a huge size with a large pool on the outside. A green grass seems like a natural outdoor carpet of this house. This house is designed by Dubinnet Architects. It has a nice touch from the rocky wall from its exterior design.

Awesome Barn Addition Dubinett Architects Home Cinema Involving LCD Screen Facing Seating Spot

Okay, talking the traditional house will not far from the classic and cultural designs. These classic mansion floor plans are adopting those designs too. You can look at the grey rock wall on the outside. It has a nice appearance that will make this house seems like an old building. The other beautiful design comes from the nice building with the red wooden exterior. It completes the design with a bright appearance. It makes some iconic characteristic of this mansion. The classic window with many squares inside of it is also an additional touch for this classic design.

Wait until you stepped inside the house. You will get a classic interior with modern furniture on there. Look at the flat LCD TV on the classic wall on the living room. It has a cozy living space with a compact furniture placement. The wooden structure inside the house is a good additional pillar to gain the exclusivity of this house. There is also an antique chandelier on the living room with the dragon shape. It’s really impressive. An indoor bathtub with warm and cool water settings are also built inside the house. This is a modern facility in a classic house.

Gorgeous Barn Addition Dubinett Architects Indoor Jacuzzi with Ladder and Comfortable Sofa for Seating

This house provides a classic living space with modern facilities. You will always get the best comfort room with the large size. Enjoy these luxury mansion floor plans photos and be inspired.

Beautiful Barn Addition Dubinett Architects Kitchen featured with Breakfast Spot Involving Distressed Table

Interesting Red Painted Barn Addition Dubinett Architects Top Part to Blend with Brown Ground in Landscape

Inviting Inground Swimming Pool Constructed Surrounded by Turfs in Barn Addition Dubinett Architects

Natural Stone Cladding Installed over Center Wall of Barn Addition Dubinett Architects Hall with Staircase

Nice Barn Addition Dubinett Architects Interior Designed with Stainless Steel Stairs and Balustrade on Wooden Floor

Neat Green Manicured Lawn and Bushes Decorating Barn Addition Dubinett Architects Front Yard Landscape

Tidy Setting of Colectible Books in Barn Addition Dubinett Architects Office Room Displaying Inset Bookcase

Warm Barn Addition Dubinett Architects Double Height Entertainment Center Displaying Pool Desk and Lamp

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