Exotic Modern Apartment with Sharp Line Ceiling in Taiwan

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this modern apartment has an impressive interior design using the modern architecture. It’s designed by H2o+Co2 Design with a spectacular detail. This apartment is carrying dark and light theme. It has a simple arrangement room that will make the inhabitant feel in such a roomy space without a claustrophobic worry. This project is finished in 2013 with an interior detail.

Awesome Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Unitary Room Maximized for Living Dining Cooking and Working Room

Thing that make this modern apartment design becomes unique is its ceiling design. It has a nice triangular shape that cantered in the middle of the room. This design has some “feng-shui” belief about the luckiness or fortune magnet. This is a cultural design that poured with the modern architecture on there. It has a large window that facing out to the cityscape. You will get the best situation on here. Living in urban area like the Taipei city will be complete with this beautiful apartment.

The lounge space is combined with the office desk. This is actually for the single owner that has a high productivity. The dark floor with the bright wall design is a good collaboration. Again, this is also has a symbolic “yin and yang” message that will harmonize your living experience. The kitchen is designed on the same room. This is an excellent design. You will get everything in one space. Of course, this design will make you effectively move from one space to another space. What a brilliant idea!

Bright White Themed Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Unitary Room Illuminated by Cracked Lighting on Ceiling

A large bookshelf is placed on the back of the office desk. This is will make a mini library on this apartment. It also makes you easy to organize your book collections. The bathroom and the bedroom are separated from the main room. The designer is aware about the private space. They come with a modern design with high detail of the interior. Continue scrolling to enjoy these modern apartment design pictures and you can grab this one as your inspiration.

Cool Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Bath for Bedroom Involving Glass Shower Tub and Single Vanity Set

Cozy Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Bathroom Involving Sanitary Glass Shower and Tub and Walk in Closet

Efficient Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Galley Kitchen Idea with Recessed Lamps and Pendants as Lighting

Fascinating Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design TV Room Combined with Workspace and Library behind It

Glorious Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Living Room Connected with Workspace and Kitchen in White Black

Luxurious Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Bedroom Suite Featured with Transparent Bath Displaying Shower

Magnificent Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Living Room Furnished with Navy Sofa and Black Table and TV

Minimalist Grey and White Themed Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Living Room Featured with Bookcase

Modern White Painted Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Interior Featured with Open Kitchen and Studded TV

Neat Setting of Collectible Books Stored inside Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Library Built in Bookcase

Smart Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Master Bedroom Interior Furnished with Concealed Bedding with Handle

Tiny Home Taiwan H2oco2 Design Powder Room Integrating Sanitary Instant Storage and Cool Painting

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