Exotic Modern Rustic Style Hotel Style

San Giorgio Hotel is a masterpiece of modern rustic style by Design Hotels in collaboration with Lambs&Lions for the interior design. The hotel is located in Greece, and that is why you will see a stunning hotel with beautiful two different designs that blended into one. If you have a time to visit this place, then it will be great because you can get everything that you want in here. You should start to see the exterior side of the hotel before you step in and see the bedroom interior.

Black Colored Dining Table also White Pergola Made from Wooden Material

When the first time you see the hotel building from the outside, then you will see a building that looks like a traditional Greek building with stone veneer wall combines with white concrete walls. This hotel is located at the beach side and you will find peninsula wooden deck with spectacular view to the sea. Now, let us get back to the hotel and soon you will see modern rustic style interior design.

After you finish with the peninsula, then you can come to see modern swimming pool with modern sun beds on the poolside. You also can find covered dining area with salvaged wooden table and chairs. The stone pillars and the shutter windows completing the area. If you are curious about the interior appearance of the hotel, then this is your time to see it. The interior design shows you clean and clear style with white wall paints domination.

Brown Circle Mat also Soft Brown Wooden Egg Chairs Hanged

You still can find private lounge with two traditional pendant lamps hanging on the ceiling. You also can see concrete white bench in the room. Go to the bedroom and you see a canopy bed style with white thin curtain. Look around the room and your eyes will see salvaged wooden furniture all around the room. Modern country style interior design is the best concept to make the hotel feels comfortable.

Big Blue Pool also Several Black Colored Sleeper Chair

Big Pool which Has Soft Blue Water also Silver Stainless Handrail

Circle Surface of Wooden Table White Pillows also White Colored Soft Sofa

Grey Floor Made from Concrete also Several Clay Pots Decoration

Grey Staircase Made from Concrete also Dark Brown Wall Made from Stone Material

Light Brown Dining Table which Has Black Metallic Feet

Light Brown Wooden Floor also Beautiful View of Dark Blue Sea

Several Pillows White Bed Linen also Circle Shaped Floor Mat

Several Pillows White Bed Linen also Soft Brown Rattan Basket

Two Soft Brown Pendant Lamp Covers Made from Rattan

Wall Made from Concrete also Several Square Shaped Windows

White Bed Linen Several Pillows also Transparent White Curtains

White Colored Cloth Hammock also Circle Shaped Floor Mat

White Marble Floor also Several Soft Brown Wooden Cabinets

White Pillows White Bed Linen also Black Glass Cover of Pendant Lamp

White Pillows White Bed Linen also Grey Colored Blanket

White Wall Made from Concrete also Several Metallic Kitchen Utensils

Wooden Dining Table also Several Plates Made from Wooden Material

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