Exposed Concrete Wall House Decorated by Green Garden and Small Pound

Modern house design nowadays has more explicit style that hides nothing such as exposed concrete wall. Completed in 2011, the Casa em Aldoar is adopting that modern style on almost entire surface of its wall. The design of Topos Atelier Arquitectura also shows the modernity in the clean building lines and cantilevered second floor. Moreover, the minimalist addition of wooden elements as house’s entrance gate features synchronized design as the natural colors of both wall made of concrete and dark wood can be mixed in elegant contrastive design. The modern perceptive is advanced by the transparent glass windows since it has become the obligated feature in a modern house design.

Vast Green Grass Garden also Several Cube Shaped Fields

The interior character of this house also refers to its exterior design. The similar wall design which features the exposed concrete wall design has created a harmonious and integral design. The original grey color of the wall also has receptive character by which it cannot completely reflect the light which streams in this house. Therefore, the varnished wooden parquet which has more reflective character can dominate the interior tone with its warm color temperature. As stated before, the modernity of this house is exposed by the application of glass wall. This design style is aimed at creating borderless visual that helps the house in acquiring spacious atmosphere.

The glass wall which fronts the backyard of the house will also let the direct sight to the green garden and lawn. This scenery is pleasing as it provides refreshing and cool looks enjoyed from the roofed side. On the other side of the house, the glass wall also provides ambient nuance of the naturally designed pound. The fresh and clean water in the pound can contrast the warm interior and it really exposed the modern and rich fantasy each time you enjoy the house from side to side.

White Stone Wall also Vast Garden Filled near Green Colored Grass

However, the gardening hobby is supported by this living place as it provides enough lawn to improve your hidden talent. There are some slots on which you can plant the fresh stock for the household needs. In conclusion, the concrete wall design ideas are brilliant since it integrates the modernity from different perspective and style.

White Colored Concrete Floor also Dark Brown Wooden Handrail

White Colored Stone Upper Wall also Several Tall Green Trees

White Colored Upper Wall which is Made from Stone Material

Grey Colored Concrete Frame of Dark Green Water of Pond

Soft Brown Wooden Material Next to White Stone Wall

White Wall which is Made from Stone Material

Wide Green Watered Pond also Natural Green Grass on the Pond Side

Wide Pond which Has Dark Green Colored Water also Grey Concrete Frame

Wooden Floor also Square Shaped Glass Panel Windows

Wooden Material also White Stone Upper Wall

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