Exterior House Design with Beautiful Hill View

We will give you a home performance with interior and exterior house design. This home is built in the hill. So, you can enjoy beautiful hill view in your every single day. We also give some floor plans for you. These pictures will help you out to manage whole house rooms. Even, it makes you know the location of the home in the hill. Anyway, this great home is designed by Supersudaka. This studio gave the name for this home The Kiltro House. Do you feel curious to see it? Please let’s see it.

Amazing Side View of the Kiltro House with Suspended Architecture at the Sunny Evening Showing Beautiful View of Open Field

See these interior and exterior house design pictures. This home is designed with old wooden roof. In the middle of the roof doesn’t be covered. Then, this house has the wooden wall with black buffers. Under the flooring, there are some long white lamps. So, the space under the flooring is not dark. Then, in the front home is designed with glass wall. You can enjoy the view through this wall. In the middle of the wall is the door. It is black door frame. In the porch, the floor is designed with oak flooring.

Let’ see inside the home. In the corner of the home, there is table set. The white chair with hairpin legs stand next to the wooden table. Under the table is the small white soft carpet. It makes your feet feel so comfort. In the corner of the room is the red ball. It can increase the performance of the room. Anyway, there is wooden table next to the wall. Above the table are the white round lampshades. These accessories can give lighting in the night.

Artictic Wood Table at the Kiltro House Living Room tha Provide Amazing Open Filed View and Sunlight by the Glass Window

Then, there are some floor plan pictures. They show the underground level till the higher levels. Then, through these pictures, you can see the room design in each room. These pictures also give the sections which are important to build this home. These interior, exterior house design ideas pictures and floor plans pictures help much to create best home.

Astonishing Nature View from the Kiltro House Green and Wild Vegetations Surround the House the Applied Wood Roof

Awesome Landscape and Site View Around the Kiltro House that Applied Floor to Ceiling Glass Window to Appear Interior

Beautiful Night View of Kiltro House with Plank Wall and Wooden Roof Suspended House Design with Floating Porch

Beautiful View from the Living Space Inside the Kiltro House by the Floor to Ceiling Glass Window Showing Also Outdoor Stair

Concrete Driveway Make Easy Acces to Get into the Kiltro House that Appearing Unsymmetric Architecureal Design

Exciting Details Pallet Roof on the Kiltro House Give Interior Colder from the Sunlight Also Proveide Stunning View Around it

Fascinating Design Architecture Applied Sloping Wooden Roof and Plank Wall Made an Unsymmetrical Shape Kiltro House

Gorgeous Site View Around the Kiltro House that Showing Green and Wild Bushes Give More Fredsh and Naturally Ambience

Innovative Design of Detached House Kiltro House Showing Suspended Architecture Design with Black Stailess Pillar and Plank Wall

Modern Fabric Chair and Wood Table at the Kiltro House Covered Porch Offers Beautiful Outside View Blocked by the Outdoor Stairs

Striking Details Stone Architecture of the Kiltro House Outside View Sustain the Driveway Beside the Suspended House

Strong Structure of Stone Under the Floor of the Kiltro House Show the Shadow from the Sunlight Blocked by Wooden Floor

Stunning Concrete and Stone Pathway Outside the Kiltro House Provide An Easy Acces to the Suspended House that Use Large Glass Windows

Stunning Suspende House Design View from Side with Transparent Interior Due to the Glass Wall of the Kiltro House Structure

Transparent Interior Due to the Large Glass Window on the Kiltro House Beside the Plank Wall of this Suspended House Architecture

Under Floor View of the Amazing Kiltro House Showing  Stone Pavings and Black Steel Pillars to Prop Up the House

Unique Architecture of the Kiltro House Use Wood Roof at the Open Field with Green Pinery View Around it

Wild and Rustic Bush Around the Kiltro House Environment Make a Sense a Modern Detached House More Private and Intimate

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