Exterior House in Simple Design

The spectacular exterior house that can inspire many people to decorate their exterior house can be looked at the modern residence which is situated in La Piedad, Michoacan, Mexico. The house which is designed by Taller5 Arquitectos looks modern and also luxurious. A modern pergola which is located behind the house is decorated with the white canopy made of fabric. This pergola is also decorated with long black beach with the white cushions.

Exterior Terrace Design with the Wooden Deck of the House ITA which is Completed with the Green Garden Design Idea

The wonderful exterior house design also can be seen from beside house. The white wall design makes the house looks elegant. The other walls are also decorated with the wooden panel that adds the beautiful of the house. On the other side, we can see the unique iron used to decorate the wall and door. On the other side of the house, we can see the stylish exterior design. The transparent glass windows and walls make the house looks modern and also stylish. The yellow walls decoration looks match with the glass windows and walls design.

The building of this house also looks simple when it is looked from beside house. The size of this house looks narrow. The exterior wall decoration also looks minimalist. However, the design of the walls exterior design still looks elegant. This house is also available with the large garden located behind the house near the pergola. This garden is planted with the green grasses and small plants. The children can enjoy playing in this large garden.

Dazzling Design from the House ITA Concept that is Designed with the Great Idea for Getiing Inspiration Design

The white wall design also looks match with the wooden panel. This design can be looked at the sixth picture where this design is used to decorate the balcony at the second floor. The wonderful exterior house design ideas of this house looks simple but it still looks luxurious so every body can easy to decorate their house like this house.

Fascinating Interior House ITA Design that is Colored using the Red Color of the Fluffy Rug Design as the Enhancer of House Design

Glossy Marble Flooring Design which has the Beige Color Design as the Enhancer of the Luxurious Idea from the House ITA Design

Great Design House ITA that is Completed with the Creative Decoration Design Idea for Enhancing House Design

Interesting Color Scheme of the Exterior House ITA Design which is Combined with the Transparent Window Design Idea

Luxurious Marble Stone Wall Design that is Suited with the Artistic Decoration to Increase this House ITA Interior Decoration Design

Matching Room Divider with the Hand Railing Design that will Make the House ITA Interior Design Looks More Perfect

Modern Furniture Design of this House ITA Exterior Terrace Design with the Unique Home Living Design Idea

Natural Design from this House ITA which is Completed with the Wooden Deck Idea to Increase Home Design Exterior

Transcluent Materials Inside the House ITA Design which is Greatly Designed to Increase the Modern House Theme Design Idea

Unusual Hand Railing Idea of this House ITA Staircase Design which Comes with the Artistic and Creative Idea

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