Fabulous Restaurant Design in Creative Style

The satisfaction of the customers is not from the taste of the food bus also the restaurant design itself. Aesthetic aspect must be taken into consideration, because it can enhance the appetite. Besides, comfort and coziness are the two things that customers must feel in a restaurant as well. It is because spending time together with beloved people is memorable moment.

Bright Ambience of Bar and Restaurant Interior with Some Sets of Tables and Chairs

A design of Odessa restaurant from Kiev’s city is a perfect project by YOD Design Lab. the outer interior design, glass is used for window and ceiling panels. Comfy sofas and hanging wooden table are set all along the glass windows. The glass ceilings will shows off the starry sky in the night. On the other row, some set of wooden table and chairs are well organized. White ropes are uniquely exploited for restaurant design interior. The decoration of long ropes is set vertically in line to separate the table set like rooms. Meanwhile to decorate the ceiling part, the ropes are hung in shorts. Some of bulb lights are hung to light up each zone.

The bar is designed from concrete material but in wooden bar countertop. The bare are furnished with some of steel stools in leather seat. The overhead lights are installed to illuminate the bar. The bar cabinets are made of wood. The concept of the kitchen is open kitchen. There is a huge size of Kitchen Island which made of solid concrete. But the countertop is made of porcelain. The kitchen island is used to place some ceramic dishes with glass window. There is also a hanging kitchen rack over the kitchen island.

Contemporary Old Fashioned Bar Dining Area with Golden Light

The use of ropes as the decoration and other unusual material create a unique place to eat. This unique element gives a different nuance for this restaurant. This creative restaurant design concept is wonderful restaurant to eat and to spend a short time day out with beloved ones, couple or family.

Elegant Stone and Wood Details of Bar Interior Ideas

Exclusive Restaurant and Bar Interior Decor in Earthy Tone

Glamorous Odessa Restaurant Exterior Appearance with Yellow Neon Lighting

Incredible Concept of Bar Bathroom with Red Mural on the Corner

Innovative Wooden Details Installed on the Ceiling with Hooks and Bulb Lamps

Inspirational WC Wall Design along the Entrance Area

Lovely Ambience of Bar Dining Area with Classy Ceiling and Hanging Ropes

Lovely Hanging Rope Details of Odessa Bar and Restaurant

Lovely Interior Decor of Bar Dining Area with Warm Decorating Concept

Luxurious Rustic Modern Bar View wth Much of Wood Details

Neat and Clean Ambience of Bar and Restaurant Dining Area

Romantic Evening View of Woody Bar and Restaurant with Transparency on the Side Wall and Ceiling

Rustic Bar Center Interior Setting with Cool Neutral Scheme Idea

Stylish Built on Floor Tables wit Curving Wood Top and Gray Sofa

Wonderful Details of Bar Bathroom with Unique Pipe Sink and Faucet

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