Family House Designs with a Bunch of Lovely Natural Palettes

Life Contract has brilliantly created charming family house designs and then implemented them for this trendy modern residence named Nativa Residence. With an abundance of lovely natural palettes for almost all aspects, this dwelling stands modishly in Panama City. Yes, those beautiful natural hues were used for any element such as wall, ceiling, floor, furniture and also accessories as well. As a result, the ambiance feels so comfy and intimate, while the outlook appears absolutely enchanting and elegant.

Bright Living Chair Illuminated by the Lamps in Nativa Residence Life Contract that Tv Under Air Conditioner

Please have a look start from this fetching living space. As one of the most captivating contemporary family house design ideas, this retreat was completed with warm living room. Blonde wooden panels were added as the companion for white painted wall and ceiling. Then slate floor also appears so affecting since it produces more sleek and modern appearance. White sectional sofa stands glamorously along together with colorful pillows cushion, unique spherical wooden coffee tables and classy wooden cabinets. Playful art painting on the wall enhance the beauty of modern arrangement for sure.

Moreover, the dining room also demonstrates lavish natural arrangement. With floor to ceiling windows and white slate floor, this room emerges so modern and luxurious. Then, one spherical wooden dining table stands so catchy along with those white comfy chairs. One sparkling crystal pendant lamp appears as the enchanting accessory for this room. Further ahead, the bedrooms were also arranged with creamy palettes. Some artistic accessories was appeared in term of escalating the beauty of the arrangement, such as contemporary table lamps, transparent white curtains, artistic art paintings, stirring killim rug and so on.

Beauty Living Room Furnitures Set Up that Glass Table Between Sofa and Wooden Storage at Nativa Residence Life Contract

To recapitulate, this contemporary dwelling presents the beauty of natural palettes as the dominant part for the whole arrangement. Each room has its distinctive style and apparently shows a mature concept in furniture and color choosing. In the end, this family home design ideas illustration will help you as a guide in term of composing comfy modern living space with natural hues.

Appealing Living Room with White Sofa feat Pillows Facing Wooden Tables Plants Escort at Nativa Residence Life Contract

Chic Bedroom with Mocha Grey Bedspread feat Dark Headboard Between Lampshades at Nativa Residence Life Contract

Cute Stairacase View with Glossy Handrail Decorated in Nativa Residence Life Contract that Chandelier Illuminating the Area

Elegant Bed Design with Flower Bedcover Between Dark Dresser and Paintings Ceiling Lamps Applied at Nativa Residence Life Contract

Fabulous Bedroom with Cream Bedcover and Dark Red PIllows that Red Chair Nex to Lampshade on Dresser of Nativa Residence Life Contract

Glossy Floor of Nativa Residence Life Contract Taupe Colored that Cream Sofa Facing Glass Wood Table and Planters Accompanied

Graceful Dining Table Flower Escort and White Chairs Surrounding in Nativa Residence Life Contract the Planters Add Fresh the Area

Imposing Living Room with White Sofa Facing Wooden Table in Nativa Residence Life Contract and Painting Add More Nice

Marvelous Kids Room with Crib Between Chair and Drawer Under Ceiling Lamp at Nativa Residence Life Contract

Pretty Furnitures Position of Living Room in Nativa Residence Life Contract that Wooden Storage Facing Sofa Beside Red Chairs Tv Applied

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