Fantastic Guest Bathroom in Guest Bathroom Ideas

Guest bathroom contributes to serve the guests maximally while the guests visit a house. As the part of guest service, the guest bathroom should present the best designs to impress the guests. For the reason, some following ideas present the fantastic designs of guest bathroom. The first idea presents the calm elegantly guest bathroom. This guest bathroom installs brown granite walls which look luxurious and elegant. The dark wooden bathroom vanity occupies the length of the wall’s distance each other. This dark wooden bathroom vanity performs glass countertop. It also provides the second slide to accommodate several bath tools and towels. The glass countertop accommodates green glass bowl which becomes the sink in this bathroom. The sink impresses modern style under circular mirror. The mirror area is defined through dark wooden board in the middle of wall. White toilet looks harmonious with the white tiles flooring.

attractive shower backsplash plus 3 wall lights feat square side table and black bathtub in contemporary guest bathroom idea

Further idea shows white accent of guest bathroom. This guest bathroom delivers white color of bathroom decoration. This guest bathroom also installs the grey wall color to accompany the white wall colors. The grey wall sets white toilet. This white toilet stands beside the white floating sink. This sink stands under the wooden cabinet with glass door. Meanwhile, the corner space of this bathroom accommodates the white backsplash for white bathtub. White bathtub occupies the length of the walls. This white bathtub gets the bright lighting from the glass window and beautiful pendant lamp. This bathtub also performs white blind in horizontal rod.

Last idea delivers white accent to this guest bathroom totally. This white guest bathroom occupies rich of natural light from the l-shaped glass windows over the white wooden walls. This vertical guest bathroom applies the vertical rectangle mirror over the white sink on the white bathroom vanity. The corner space occupies white toilet under the horizontal window. Well, the ideas inspire to decorate the fantastic designs of guest bathroom.

amazing frosted glass shower enclosure feat brown floor tile and compact wood vanity furniture in guest bathroom idea

beautiful shower curtain and two piece toilet plus framed artwork feat unique ceiling lights in guest bathroom idea

compact guest bathroom with black wood vanity cabinet plus square wall mirror idea and cool sliding glass shower door design

compact vanity cabinet plus mirrored medicine storage door and twin sconces in chic guest bathroom idea

cool guest bathroom idea with round vanity mirror and glass washbowl design feat unique pendant lighting

great guest bathroom decor idea with brass washbowl and potted flower plants plus round wall mirror

guest bathroom idea featured modern walk in shower with floating bench plus vertical niches and glass swinging door

guest bathroom idea present brick shower tile and frosted glass window feat cozy runner rug

guest bathroom with pretty yellow wall idea feat compact bathtub with towel rack and lovely rectangular rug

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