Fascinating Duplex House Surrounded by Sun Flower Lawn

House Gulm that is designed by applying Duplex House concept is indeed the most lavish modern house in Turkey. Moreover, this modern house is built in the middle of sunflower lawn. Thus, whether rectangular design is applied as main exterior design, exterior appearance of this modern mansion is looked so fascinating.

Wonderful Building Design of Gulm House with Two Floors Vast Green Grass Garden and Bright Orange Lighting Inside

Here, I will show you some fascinating pictures of this modern house that also has classy interior furniture. As a modern house and built in duplex floor, Duplex House Furniture that is so suitable is minimalist furniture. Dominated by concrete material for interior wall design, floor plan of this modern house is applied by wooden material. White oak wood is indeed chosen as main material since it emerges natural nuance. White oak wood is also embracing natural pattern of natural material along its minimalist furniture.

For countertop of kitchen islands, white oak wood is also used as main cover so that minimalist furniture of this modern house is so fascinating. Instead of using white oak wood, resin wood is also used to make wooden shelves that are installed exactly facing glass panels. Thus, these wooden shelves are looked so incredible reflected in glass panels as additional wall decoration of this modern house. Moving to bathroom, marble floor be used as main floor installation since all interior furniture is applied by porcelain furnishings.

Awesome Kitchen Design of Gulm House with Soft Brown Floor Made from Wooden Veneer and Silver Stainless Steel Chimney

Red color of marble floor of bathroom decoration is indeed looked so suitable to be applied along its porcelain furnishings. White color of porcelain furnishings are indeed looked so suitable to be applied along ceiling lamp. Since glass panels that are used as additional exterior wall is making this modern house becomes so fascinating. Moreover, ceiling lamp of this modern house is reflecting classy nuance of other interior furniture. Thus, living in a Duplex House Design must be so incredible and enchanting.

Amazing Wall  Design of Gulm House which is Made from Grey Colored Concrete with Several Ventilation Holes

Interesting Bathroom Design of Gulm House with White Colored Bathtub Made from Ceramic and Light Brown Marble Floor

Wondeful Room Design of Gulm House with Soft Brown Floor Made from Wooden Veneer and Brown Cabinets from Wooden Veneer

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