Fascinating Indoor Basketball Court Ideas

Basketball is always a good game to be chosen. It’s always been fun to do it whether with your family, relatives, or your friends. In playing basketball you can do it in outdoor or indoor basketball court. Through some pictures we have already collected, we want to show you the ideas of creating an indoor basketball court that is fascinating to be used to play the basketball game. Let’s check it out !

awesome floor design for indoor basketball court feat bold two tone wall and rectangular skylights

In developing an indoor basketball court a large space does not always been needed. You can build such even in a narrow space like what described in the second picture. It has a quite large space for a basketball court. Based on the availability of the space, it only applies a half basketball court which consists of only one basket. At the middle of the basketball court there is a badminton netting which gives you an option to play badminton game on the basketball court too.

Meanwhile if you looking at the third picture it has a larger space so that it can applies a full basketball court with its two baskets opposite each other. For the floor, it applies parquet material. This kind of material is very suitable for an indoor basketball court since it has a softer and rough texture. To make an indoor basketball court more fascinating you can do it like what described in the forth picture. It adds some pictures right on the wall. Beside of that, it puts a basketball team logo on the floor which makes the basketball court more attractive.

bold two tone wall painting and small windows in indoor basketball court idea feat round coffee table plus purple couch

The sixth picture might be the best option too. With that large space of indoor basketball court it able to accommodate large number of people or maybe a basketball team to do such rehearsal within it. It applies four baskets so that your basketball team can have an effective and fun training.

cool exposed beam ceiling with lighting plus two tone wall idea feat laminate floor for indoor basketball court

double wall mounted hoops feat green accent wall and cool indoor basketball court floor idea

fabulous indoor basketball court with beige black floor color plus masculine wall decor and ceiling lighting

great recessed lighting also red painted wall indoor basketball court idea feat green floor color

indoor basketball court with laminate floor feat amazing stone climbing wall and track lighting idea

indoor basketball court present cool hanging lighting idea and laminate floor design feat small windows

industrial pendant lighting and laminate floor feat small windows plus hanging hoops indoor basketball court

unusual indoor basketball court with vaulted ceiling and square skylights feat laminate floor plus portable ball racks

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