Fashionable Small Dresser which Providing Spacious Areas

In line with the simplicity and instant concept, the small dresser is very helpful for those who have the small and limited area. This mini size is nice although the drawer amounts are not much as the big size. But it is developing the simple concept that this time the simple items are chosen first. These mini chests are easy to apply in some rooms since it is moveable and lighter than the bigger size.

Bedroom Small Dresser Made from Wood Placed Between Two Bed

Same with the bigger size, it has many designs and decorations which are created to fill the customers need. The beach style rooms can also applying this drawer if the owner wants to save more places. The double modern platform with fresh pink quilts will look stylish with the mini drawer on the middle position. The sleeping lamp can be placed on it and then the picture portrait can be the additional decoration on it. The simple white contemporary room theme is calmer with the white mini dresser. The six drawers on it will be enough to keep and save any kind of things. Some contemporary room styles are combining the mini chest with the round mirror above it. Some contemporary bathroom styles are also placing the small dresser with mirror to make it simple.

The monochrome white bathroom theme will looks spacious with the white dressing desk on it. But some people also decorated the spacious look by applying the brownie wall paint for their bathroom or bedroom. The dark brown dresser can be match in the same color decoration room. For those who like modern style decoration they can apply the grayish electric bedroom theme with tiramisu dressers color on it. The design is stylish, because the drawers are covered with the pyramid door shapes.

Bedroom Sideboard near Black table lamp also Coloseum Picture Beside the White Bed

Almost owners are choosing the bright white paint color for the electric style. The room looks luxurious and glamor with this one simple color. Honestly the small dresser with mirror is nice for the electric kid room and farmhouse room decorations.

Bench also Small Dresser on the Corner near Vase

Corner Living Room near Floral Sofa also Striped Armchair also Rattan Basket

Decor near Small Dresser also Floral Upholstered Chairs Completed near Abstract Wall Painting

Dresser Decorated near Crystal Table also Circular Wall Mirrors

Dresser Table beside the Bed near Ceramic Table Lamp also Floral Vase Stand On It

Traditional Bedroom near Small Dresser Painted Turquoise also Glass Floral Vase

Dresser Wood Painted Black Applied Also White Kitchen Cabinetrys

Small Dresser Wood made near Circular Wood Mirror

Sitting Area at Corner also Classic Fireplace Add near Small Dresser Side the Bed

Powder Room as Small Dresser Use Single Sink near Fancy Pendant Lamps

Modern White Small Dresser under Open Wall Shelving near Pendant

Loft Bed Applied Small Dresser Beside the Upholstered Chair near Floral Cushion

House near Wooden Floor also Floral Carpet near Cream Painted Walls

House near Small Dresser Made from Wood Beside Oak Bedframe

Bedroom near Wooden Bench Under the Window Beside the Small Dresser

House near Darkwood Small Dresser Beside the Bed near Wooden Headboard

Traditional Bedroom near Wooden Floor also Floral Curtains also Hat Hook

Traditional Entry Decoration Applied Bust also Classic Table Lamp near Mirror

Vanity at Traditional Bedroom near Single Sink also White Bathroom Door

Wallpapers also Blue Small Dresser Between Two Upholstered Chairs

White Stand Beside the Bed that Applied Blue Pillows also Upholstered Headboard

Wicker Carpet also White Circular Coffee Table Applied Also Small Dresser

Wood at Small Traditional Bedroom near Metal Bedframe on Floral Carpet

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