Floating Resort Design for Young Lovers

Instead of beach cottage or villas, lovers can choose floating resort for their honeymoon destination. The sensation staying above water will give lovers different experience. When lovers step out, they can see water as their yard. The underwater views, such as the unique corral, the white sands, and the colorful fishes please the eyes lovers.

Incredible Exterior Architecture of Gili Lankanfushi Resort Building

This resort, named Gili Lakanfush, is located in Maldives. This 5-star resort is built above the private beach water. The resort is designed fully with natural material. The walls, the floor, and the pillars are made of wooden material. Meanwhile the roofs are made of leaf material. This coconut leaf roof enhances the tropical nuance. The hardwood flooring and wooden walls bring you closer to the nature. Wood material is also exploited for the railed fences as well as the ladder. The wooden ladder takes you to the boat as the only transportation to reach the land. This resort design concept architecture satisfyingly spoils the young lovers.

A large wooden deck is set as the front yard. Some sofa beds are placed on the front yard deck. The lovers can enjoy it for sun bathing or just reading a book. When the sun begins to rise, a beach umbrella will cover them from the sun heat. For the interior design, a mosquito net is set over the wooden bed with a white mattress. In the bathroom, a porcelain bathtub is placed near windowpanes. So the lovers can enjoy the marine scenery while bathing. The bathroom is also decorated with the porcelain washbasins in unique designs. For the towel holders, bamboo material is used and designed like a ladder.

Inviting the Whole Exterior Design of Gili Lankanfushi Resort

Staying on this floating resort, you can hear the beach wind blowing softly and the wave sounds splashing each other’s. This resort is one of the best resort design ideas which will give you best honeymoon ever.

Romantic and Relaxing Porch of Gili Lankanfushi Resort

Relaxiing Patio Area of GilicLankanfushi Resort under Palm Tree

Fabulous Gili Lankanfushi Resort Building Design Seen from Above

Exotic Private Bedroom Interior Decor of Gili Lankanfushi Resort

Exotic Appearance of Gili Lankanfushi Resort Seen from Beach

Exclusive Gili Lankanfushi Resort Building Architectural Design Seen from the Beach

Dark yet Relaxig Spa Center of Gili Lankanfushi Resort Feature to Enjoy

Challenging Wooden Bridge of Gili Lankanfushi Resort Main Entrance

Bright and Fresh Yellow and Green Cushions and Sofa of Gili Lankanfushi Resort Porch

Romantic Cinema Lounge of Gili Lankanfushi Resort with Dim Outdoor Lantern

Romantic Gili Lankanfushi Resort Bedroom Interior Decor for Memorable Honeymoon

Shaddy Open Interior of Gili Lankanfushi Resort Lounge and Dining Area

Stylish Wooden Gili Lankanfushi Resort Bathroom with Bay Windows

Unforgettable Ocean View Seen from Gili Lankanfushi Resort Porch

Wonderful Curling Dining Table Idea of Gili Lankanfushi Resort Restaurant

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