Furnishing Designs of Minimalist Bench, Stool, and Table

The beauty and the coziness of a home are determined by the homeowners selection of furnishing designs. In urban living, minimalist furniture designs become trend. It is because simple furniture designs save space for limited space of living area. Yes it is limited space, because urban people mostly stay at small flat or apartment. Designers, named Dan Maddox and Alan Rauta, create minimalist furniture as one of your solutions living in a small living area.

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The first furniture is named Massimo Bench. The simple design of this furniture matches to be placed in anywhere you wish. The frame is in pearl-white color; meanwhile the cushion is made of fabric in shiny black color. You can use to accompany the standing clothes hanger. Massimo Bench is also available in Tosca frame color and pearl cushion. The next minimalist home furnishing designs are Alessio Table and Marciano Stool. Alessio table is made of frosted glass top with black frame. Meanwhile, the Marciano stool is designed in pearl-white frame with super comfy leather cushion in black color. You can use this table and stool as your working desk in your office room.

To beautify your living room, you can choose Luciano table. The frame is in red color, while the top is made of glass material in grey color. You can utilize this futuristic table as your cocktail table accompanying your white cozy sofa. The next furniture is Piazza and Piccolo Cushions. These homey cushions are in violet, dark blue, and glossy pearl colors that absolutely snuggle you. You can place this lovely cushion near your fireplace to enjoy the warm night with beloved one while reading. There is another stool product, named Vera Stool. The designers design this stool with foot rest which is suitable for your kitchen island stool.

Pink Color Design Idea Applied in Modern Living Room Interior Design with Modern Furntiure Design Ideas Plan

There is still many other minimalist furnishing designs offered to prettify your limited space home. Besides saving space, this furniture is made in colorful colors; it is a solution for you who want to give fun and cheerful look to your plain home. These simple room furnishing designs will give sweet touch to your home without wasting the space.

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