Glass Top Dining Tables that Suggest Modern Impression

Glass is an interesting material because it tends to be sleek, glossy and clean. Therefore, glass becomes one of the main materials for decorating modern interior. Furniture with glass material must have modern impression. If you want to bring modernity into your dining room, it’s good idea to decorate it with glass top table.

appealing dining area present black upholstered chairs paired with modern glass top table

If your budget is limited, don’t force yourself to purchase new glass top dining table. I suggest you to just use your existing dining table. However, you will need to replace the top with the glass one. There are so many stores that sell glass. The material must be available in affordable prices. Just make sure that it has size that suits your dining table. It’s very easy and economical choice, right? For installing the glass top on your dining table, I believe that you can do it by yourself.

A simple dining table with glass top has already has sophisticated look as you can see from the first picture. The dining table has black frames and legs that give support to a rectangular glass top. A glass vase of white and pink flowers beautifies the glass top dining table, so that it also has a rather romantic look. Four interesting black chairs with gray pad surround the table.

classic wooden chairs plus glass top dining table on rug paired with trendy storage

Technology allows us to cut glass in any shapes. Therefore, you can find glass top dining table in various shapes or designs. They are not limited to the rectangular, but including square, round, etc. The next picture shows you an amazing small dining table with round glass top. The glass top is supported by unique wooden base. Classy wines glasses and bottle are put on the round glass dining table. Meanwhile, three wooden chairs with white pads complement the piece while providing nice seating for enjoying the delicious wine. Are you ready to modernize your dining room with a glass top table?

floating self in dining area paired with stylish dark grey chairs plus glass top table design

floor lamp close picture frame overlooking with wooden dining chairs plus glass top table on rug

golden pendant lamp embellished dining area paired with glass top round table plus classic chairs

picture frame above credenza combine d with glass top dining table plus voguish upholstered chair

round mirror above storage overlooking with glass top dining table paired with stylish chair

wall shelf aside storage paired with classic chairs plus glass top dining table adorned with chandelier

voguish glass top table paired with simple chairs filled on fabulous dining area

wine bottle also flower decoration in vase on glass top round table paired with classic upholstered chair

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