Glass Window Installation on Perfect Exterior Design of Coastal House

Beautiful wooden appearance and glass window installation dominates an exterior design of a house in western Pacific coast of Chile. This project is created by a well-known Chilean architects named the DRN Architects. Take a look at the first picture provided here. From the distance you can easily see that this house is surrounded by lots of greens around, and been bordered by simple black wooden fences. From this point, the opened area of the house is easy to be seen, combined with its wooden materials. What’s more about this pretty dwelling?

Wooden Pillar with a Sloping Pattern Structure on the Lower Floor Architecture

The second picture takes us to the patio in the highest level of the house. Not too spacious but comfortable enough to spend your times with your beloved family. The wooden flooring of the patio is combined well with the wooden balustrade as the border. Glass window and a sitting area there are also perfect to complete the exterior design ideas. A little look at the interior, you will find a simple bedroom in the next picture. A very limited area with two single beds in each sides of the wooden room could support your comfort. The glass window installation here adds another beauty in simple way too.

Now, let’s see the house from another point of you of the exterior. The fourth picture shows you the residence from the narrow side of the building. You can see the combination between the spacious transparent wall and the wooden wall blend together here. Aren’t they beautiful? Now pass the fence from that side, and we are in the yard of the house, just like what you can see in the next picture provided. The cantilevers of the lower level have a unique pattern and shapes. The wooden blocks there are long, and been arranged together to shape many letters of V.

Architecture Lounge Space on the Wooden Deck at the Front Terrace with Ocean Views

The last picture shows you a simple part of the interior and the exterior in one photo. Remember the previous picture of the patio? This picture takes you there again, but a little step back until you are inside the house. In this picture, you can see spacious glass door been opened, ready to take you there to the comfortable patio. Enjoy the exterior home design ideas with glass window installation, and hopefully they could inspire you even more!

Architecture Two Story Home with the Views of Oceanfront

Architecture with a Flat Rooftop and Wooden Based Materials on the Exterior

Architecture Wooden Interior in the Dining Space Furnitures and the Floor Construction

Architecture Wooden Interior on the Floor also Wood Board at the Exterior Decoration

Black Wooden Home with an Assymetric Wall Construction Located in a Flat Surface Land at the Hills County

Bedroom Decoration Dual Grey Bedsteads nearby the Dressers under the Windows on the Wooden Wall

Building Consist of Wooden Pillar with a Sloping Crossed Structure and Flat on the Rooftop

Combination of Wood Materials and Glass on the Wall Construction

Interior Decoration a Modern Living Room with Black Sofa and Low Profile White Table

Two Story Building with Wooden Based Materials on the Wall Construction

Lounge Space on the Wooden Deck with Beach View

Wooden Board Stairs Linked by Wooden Board Bridge to the Frontyard

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