Having Perfect Modern Apartment with Neat Designs

Most people usually prefer to choose modern apartment in case with neat designs and condition. The apartment design chosen can be as the design showed here. The apartment showed is an apartment located in Bratislava, Slovakia and designed by Goldfish-Interiors collaborate with Alexandra Rybarová. The perfect apartment seen as the style is compact and comfortable enough. Here are some pictures of apartment designs following.

Comfortable Monochromatic Area With Hardwood Floor and White Ceiling

There is space for living room that becomes one with dininag table and kitchen sets in this apartment. The whole nuance is in white shades. We can see the white wall is combined with white ceiling and wooden pattern floor. Round dining table surrounded by white plastic and steel chairs lay in from of kitchen sets. It becomes nicer added a tiny white chandelier. Kitchen sets in L-shaped use white and plywood materials with clean sink. Plenty cupboards are there to create the kitchen more comfortable enough. Besides the kitchen sets, we can see television on the glasses table of drop cupboard, while living room exists in white sofas in L-shaped and round table. The decoration of living room comes from the neat brown rug and high vas ornaments in one side and wallpaper.

If we want to get more ideas, follow this article description. Looking at bedroom and other room in this perfect modern apartment design, it looks as compact. The modern designs seen from this bedroom comes up for the style and color choice. The bedroom uses great cream bed with leather couch and more pillows.  It becomes soft enough to be combined with plywood floor in bright and soft design. There are two table lamps placed in the right and left side of the bed to make the nuance greater. Overall, we can see compact and neat combination of the bedroom. The bathroom designs are also perfect enough although it is placed in small room. The room becomes place to put washer at corner, rather long sink, and shower. There is also big mirror above.

Simple Living Room with White Sofa and Rounded Table

If we have such apartment case, we really can use this design ideas to make our apartment more perfect in of course neat condition without spending large space.  These perfect modern apartment design ideas belong to whoever that want their apartment greater in compact and modern style.

Amazing Details Living Room with White Sofa and Attractive Lamp

Appealing Kitchen White Cabinets Brown Backsplash and Rounded Lamp

Artistic Rounded Table White Chairs and Bright Lamp in Dining Area

Awesome Details Bathroom with White Sink and Clear Mirror

Awesome Kitchen Corner with White Cabinets and Unique Wall Clock

Brilliant Space Solving with Washing Machine in the Sink Cabinet

Cozy Bathroom with Glass Shower Room and White Sink

Fantastic Impeccable White Cabinets with White Ornaments above

Fascinating Kitchen Corner with Brown Backsplash and White Cabinets

Interesting Colours in Bathroom with Wide Mirror and White Sink

Long Entrance with White Door White Ceiling and Hardwood Floor

Lovely White Dining Area with White Table and White Chairs

Minimalist Bedroom with White Bed and Grey Quilt

Neat Environment with White Shoes Shelf and Clothes Hanger

Sophisticated Living Room Details with Wide Flat Screen TV

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