Home Design with Rough Landscape Facing Wonderful Seas Views

If we are asked about how home design with rough landscape will be applied in a home design, we may be not interested in, because it will rough enough. However, this claim will not be happen in this house design with rough landscape surrounded. Why? It is because the designer, SAOTA Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects, is intentional designed this house in rough landscape views. The rough landscapes are such rough plantation in wide sands. They conjure up the views and condition of the house located in about 30km from Cape Town become great and attractive enough with sea views faced.

Fascinating SAOTA Melkbos Project With Grey and White Wall

How is the house design in this kind of house? We can see at the pictures following. Overall, the nuance of the house is in grey color. There is rough landscape surrounding the big house. Home design with rough landscape surrounding shapes in linear manner facing sea views. It has very large yards, with wide balcony and swimming pool and the roof shows unique and complicated designs in grey nuances. From that place, we can enjoy sky views and sea views clearer. Although it is located surrounded rough landscape, the building looks also beautiful as it has some flowers and plantation in the courtyard. Small bridge becomes the link to enter the room inside. From the front of entrance, we can feel how high that wall, and there is also high dark grey wall in right side.

Coming inside of the house makes the feeling really better. Small corridor with ceramic floor leads us to upstairsmake of plywood. There is wide living room at the first level whose the nuance is in soft colors. White and red sofas are well placed facing glasses windows with sea views outside, then the floor chooses brown pattern ceramic and shapes in some stairs. On the other living room, white and grey sofas are also chosen combined with dark linked square table. That room faces other room side as kitchen sets. There some glasses fences chosen in decorating the interior design. However, wooden style also looks appear in decorating the fantastic home design.

Fabulous SAOTA Melkbos Project Living Room with Fluffy Sofas and Black Table

Home design with this rough landscape becomes greater as designed by SAOTA. We can enjoy the views outside and the rough landscape will become interesting style that is rare. By this way, fantastic home design with rough landscape surrounding can be built to improve the fantastic home style.

Amazing SAOTA Melkbos Project Entrance with Glass Door and Concrete Bridge

Appealing SAOTA Melkbos Project Architecture with Concrete Floor and Wide Area

Attractive SAOTA Melkbos Project Entrance with Grey Wall and Concrete Floor

Awesome Stairs with Fascinating Design in SAOTA Melkbos Project

Beautiful Concrete Hallway with Cozy SAOTA Melkbos Project Living Room View

Comfortable SAOTA Melkbos Project Living Room with Black Sofas

Contemporary SAOTA Melkbos Project Space with White Wall and Brown Floor

Cozy SAOTA Melkbos Project Hallway with Concrete Floor and Unique Wall Pattern

Fantastic SAOTA Melkbos Project Facade View with Concrete Floor and Grey Bridge

Innovative SAOTA Melkbos Project Stairs with Concrete Footings and Wooden Handle

Interesting SAOTA Melkbos Project Exterior near Large Green Grass Area

Minimalist Living Room in SAOTA Melkbos Project with White Sofa and Black Table

Modern SAOTA Melkbos Project Concrete Stairs with Glass Fence

Natural Alleyway with Brown Stone Wall in SAOTA Melkbos Project

Sensational SAOTA Melkbos Project Bathroom with Glass Sink and White Tub

Simple Sink Space in SAOTA Melkbos Project with Brown Tile Wall

Unique White Pebble Floor with Brown Floor in SAOTA Melkbos Project

Unusual Concrete Wall near Glass Fence in SAOTA Melkbos Project Upper Floor

Wonderful Concrete Hallway in SAOTA Melkbos Project with Stone Wall

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