Home Exterior in Vacation Retreat

CT House designed by Bernardes + Jacobsen gives the inspiration of home exterior design for tropical vacation home. The house is located in the middle of green environment. The exterior theme is natural theme. Therefore, the exterior wall is in tropical wood structure. The first floor of the house is used as the open space furnished with comfortable furniture. The spacious swimming pool is located right beside this vacation home. Palm trees make the look of this house presents the tropical beauty.

Amazing View of CT House in Brazil at Evening Presenting Perfect Relaxing Living Service with Beautiful View Presented

The open space in the first floor gives breezy home exterior. The modern furniture is arranged in this floor providing the perfect relaxing space with absolute comfort. Cozy ambience is presented by this open space. This first floor can be the place for lounge, casual dining area, or just sitting to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Contemporary painting and fresh flowers are used to decorate this breezy space. This space is directly connected with the nature surrounding since it does not have walls and boundaries.

Wooden ceiling makes this space looks elegant and classy. Modern lightings are arranged in symmetrical lines in this space ceiling. Big pillars in the similar color with the ceiling are built in this space. White marble is applied as the flooring. This flooring style is suitable for this relaxing space employing lavish contemporary furniture. The second floor employs wood and glass as the building materials. The design of the exterior is sleek and stylish.

Awesome CT House in Brazil Designed in Duplex Style with Beautiful Exterior Design with Pool Surrounded with Landscape and Palm Trees

Located in the middle of tropical environment, this vacation home has wonderful views. The views can be enjoyed by sitting in the first floor with various lounge choices. You can choose the comfortable sofas while having a drink or you can sit in the casual dining room ordering food. The modern nuance is presented by the lounge and the natural nuance is presented by casual dining area with stone wall as the accent. Vacation home exterior should be designed in the most relaxing and comfortable way on order to be the perfect holiday retreat.

Bold Natural Accent Employing Wood and Stone for CT House Exterior Walling to Match with Beautiful yet Refreshing Greens

Inspiring CT House in Brazil Floor Plan Design for Second Level Completed with Service Rooms and Refreshing Green Roof

Inspiring Duplex House in Contemporary Style Designed with Bold Transparency Benefitting Accessible Refreshing Green Garden Surrounding

Tranquil CT House Presented in Evening View with Serene Lighting Installed on Ceiling Accentuating Natural Tones of Wood and Stone

Unpredictable CT House Designed in Style with Floating Extension Completed with Balcony to Closely Enjoy the Nature

Perfect CT House in Brazil Sections Design Adapting Lot Condition to Take Advantage for Comfortable Living with Great Presented View

Well Arranged Palm Trees for CT House Couryard Completed with Accent Lighting on Floor Accentuating and Decorating Home Exterior at Night

Wonderful Open Living Room of CT House Connected Directly to Refreshing Green Outdoor Garden with Breezy Atmosphere

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