Home Furniture Made from Upcycled Steel Pipes

It’s time for the handmade creation for home furniture using the recycled steel pipes. Yeah, this idea seems ridiculous, but you will start making O-lips after viewing the result. If you have many steel pipes that not used on your warehouse, then just put them out and start to create some useful thing from them. It will become useful furniture on your house. Okay, are you ready? Let’s check them out.

Attractive Industrial Furniture Located in the Room with Black Pipes Black Bookshelves on the Hardwood Floor

The first idea comes with this beautiful table made from the old pipes. You can see that the sustainers have its strong design with a fancy texture. This table is really effective and efficient. Now you will get a new desk without spending much money. The next design is this beautiful pipe lamp. It has its nice design that will become home decorating furniture on your interior. It’s easy to make. All you have to do is just take the wire and connect the lamp on it.

You also can make fancy bookshelves using the steel pipes. Look at these examples. The bookshelves are unique with its style. You can make it on your own design. Whether it sticks on the wall or standing still, just design it as you want. Look at the beautiful home appliances storage. It comes with a strong design from the pipes arrangement. Follow this idea to get a new storage shelves in such unique design. Moreover, this unique chair is also a beautiful design that you can try to create. You can combine it with some drape or textiles to assemble it.

Gorgeous Dishes Placed on Quick Diy Mid Century Modern Shelving beside the White Wall on Concrete Floor

Well, using the recycled goodies on your house as the new furniture actually is a great idea. You will get beautiful furniture that also has its decorative purpose. Just explore your creativity to make a new design from the old steel pipes. This activity is really fun. You can share your own home decorating furniture arrangement result and it might inspire the others.

Contemporary Recycled Glass Bottle Pipe Lamps Placed on Brown Brick Wall near Glass Doors under White Ceiling

Fabulous Diy Desk of Salvaged Door and Pipes Placed in Family Room with Wooden Bookshelves and Wooden Sofa

Fascinating Diy Desk of Salvaged Door and Pipes Decorating the Home Office Space with a Black Chair

Fascinating Shape of the Recycled Glass Bottle Pipe Lamps Placed on the Wooden Floor near the White Wall

Interesting Black Pipes Bookshelf Placed on the Exposed Brown Brick Wall for the Industrial House Interior

Modern Plumbing Fixture Furniture Completed with Green Throw Pillows Used for the Contemporary Room on White Floor

Sensational Dark Pipes Bookshelf Decorating the House with the White Wall and Tidy Books in it

Small Bulb Lamp Used in Pipes Table Lamp Located beside the White Brick Wall on Wooden Floor

Stunning Blue Coat Pipe Rack Located on the White Wall for Coats and Hats in the Industrial Entryway

Tidy Wooden Shelves Completing the Diy Wood and Pipes Shelving System Placed near the Exposed Brick Wall

Unusual Shape of the Industrial Furniture Using Black Pipe Legs and Wooden Top for the Fantastic Table

Wonderful Black Bookshelves Completing the Room with Industrial Furniture and the Hardwood Floor near White Wall

Appealing Coat Rack Black Placed on the White Wall Used in the Eclectic and Unique House Area

Awesome Grey Pipes Base Desk Used under Wooden Top for the Industrial Room with Hardwood Floor

Bright Light 1 Mesharch Completed with Water Pipe Placed on the Brown Wooden Wall inside the House

Brilliant Design for Recycled Glass Bottle Pipe Lamps Placed on Wooden Cabinet beside the Wooden Hand Ornament

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