Home Renovation Ideas with Brick Wall Design

Some people are fond of the home renovation ideas that lead to the eclectic styles. In this case, we have some ideas how to renovate a house to be eclectic. Yeah, here is a review of a home renovating idea that comes from a house located in Treia, Marche. This renovation had been done by Wespi de Meuron Architects. The architect compiled the house to be warm especially for the interior design. It is based on the materials and structure of the house. How can it be? Look at right here!

Home Renovation Concrete Stone that Led Tv Add Stylidh the Room

The related images are here. The home renovation ideas are structured with neutral brick wall design both exterior and interior ideas. Wooden materials are also existed for some construction and furniture. This is a three-story house with same color included similar windows. At the front side, we see the rectangular swimming pool on brick deck design. The wall interior design is also designed in bricks. As we see in dining area, they come with wooden table with white porcelain chairs. The other is seen in living room design. They stylize the room with white modern sofas in three spaces with short white table.

The other looks of the home interior design are here. When looking at bedroom design, we will see the ceiling designed in wooden materials as beams ceiling. The bed is in white with small white allows. It is attractive to get that there is also bathroom ideas with white tub. The white bathtub is located near from the windows. Now, it is time to get look at the exterior decorating again. The swimming pool is situated in open plan by applying white short lounge seats on the brick deck.

House Renovation Concrete Stone Showing White Chairs Decor

The existence of the brick building design in natural area will make the house looks eclectic. They come with strong ad attractive building structure. Moreover, they are also surrounded by greenery and wonderful landscape. Therefore, get the home renovation ideas in further information right here.

Fresh Water that Giving Light by the Sun in Italian Home Renovation Concrete Stone

House Renovation Concrete Stone that Iron Handle Add Completed the Decor

House Renovation Showing Large Space that Planters and Trees Accompany the House

Pool Area in Italian Home Renovation and Showing Glass Windows Also

Renovation Concrete Stone Exterior Area that Showign Glass Windows and Planters Also

Renovation Concrete Stone that White and Cream Wall Themed

Renovation Concrete Stone with Entrance that Wooden Sit Place Facing Hanging Coats

Silvcer Decor that Clean Floor Make Nice the Italian Home Renovation Concrete Stone

Stone Bedroom with Bathroom in White Color that Make the Decor

Stone Glas Entrances which Add Stylish the Decor

Talls Wall Decor that Make Pretty in the Interiors

View by Italian Home Renovation in Cream Wall Themed that Surrounded by the Planters and Trees Also

White Color that Brics Wall Themed Make Classic the Italian Home Renovation

Wooden Table and White Chairs in the Italian Home Renovation Concrete Stone

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