House Architecture Plans with Amazing Beach Landscaping Ideas

We will bring you to feel the great experience by seeing these pictures which are good references for your house architecture plans. It is wonderful home, because this home is built with amazing beach landscaping. This is small home. It is very good house living for your holiday. The extremely wonderful beach will refresh your mind. This home is designed by Saunders Architecture. This home is famous called a Squish Studio. Do you want to see it?

Cutting Edge Squish Studio Built on Big Rock beside Ocean View in White Stripe Lines Concrete Building

See these pictures here. The house is built very close with the beach. The land near the beach is the green yard landscape with some big rocks. Some places are protected by old wood fence. The house is designed in white color. This white wall doesn’t have other colors to combine. This is simple design like the simple architecture house design. White is contrast color with the colors around the home. There is small porch in the front house to enjoy the fresh view and fresh air.

See, the front house is designed with glass door and glass window. Glass window is created above the door. Anyway, this home is designed in unique shape and small size. There are some windows around the home. Let’s see inside the home. It is new home performance, so you can put whatever you want to inside this home. The white flooring and white ceiling is matching with white wall. There are some windows as the wall. It makes the people inside the home can enjoy outside view.

Amazing Tinny Squish Studio White Concrete Building in Irregular Top with White Ladder Facing Wonderful Ocean Views

Can you imagine how beautiful the beach scenery view when sunset or sunrise? You can see orange sky. It is so beautiful view right? You will feel the fresh air touch your face directly. If you enjoy your holiday here, you will get awesome experience in your holiday. This architecture house design plans is for you who want to get freedom life.

Fabulous Squish Studio Building in White Concrete Wall Sideway Opened Terrace and Glass Door and Window

Great Mini White Squish Studio in White Concrete in Coastal in the Ocean Edge with Big Waves

Gorgeous Squish Studio Sideway Building with Shining Lighted System through Glass Facade with Beautiful Shining Sky

Luxurious Squish Studio Free space with Clear White Ceramic Floor White Wall to Ceiling Ram and Glass Facade with Some Spotlights

Marvelous Tinny Squish White Vertical Stripe Lines Concrete Building in Sideways Top on Big Rock of Edge Ocean Scenery

Nice Squish Studio Shadow Seen over Water with Big Rocks in White Sideways Building and an Iron Pillar

Powerful Tinny Squish Studio in White Concrete Opened Facade Laid on Big Rock with Infinity Ocean Views

Elegant Squish Studio Interior Design in White Floor to Top Included a Modern Fireplace with Black Chimney

Prominent Squish Studio Building in White Sideways Seen with High Infinity Ocean and Sky Views Covering

Prominent Squish Studio in Sideway White Opened Building in Single Room Seen from Rough Red Grass

Stunning Squish Studio Designed in White Sideway Building and Soft Gold Lighting System amongs Rocks Views

Unique White Squish Studio Single Building on the Big Coral Coastal Facing Ocean Views Surrounded by Rough Corals and Grass

Wonderful Squish Studio in White Mini White and Sideway Building on Infinity Green and Ocean Landscape Views

Wonderful Squish Studio in White Building in Infinity Sky Views Covering Seen over the Big Rocks Side

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