House Remodel Ideas wit Fresh Performance

This project can be nice reference for house remodel ideas. This house is located in California, USA. This is designed by Kovac Architects. This project is called Three Wall House. The nice interior designs create comfortable rooms. And, the nice exterior designs are combined with outdoor swimming pool. It is kind of luxury house concept. If you really want to create new performance in your house, you can take the reference here. These are some pictures which will show you about that house.

Beautiful Swimming Pool at Three Wall House Backyard with Green Lawn and Gravels on Modern Tiered Gardening Idea

These are the pictures of the interior and exterior designs of this project. It can be reference for your house remodel plans. See, the house is covered with orange fence. There is wooden gate door on the wall. Let’s see in the house yard. The house is designed with fresh outdoor swimming pool. Around the pool is the green yard. In the terrace, there is table set. They are black chairs around the oval table. It is best place for gathering with your friends after swimming.

Then, see the performance inside the house. It is the kitchen. The kitchen is completed with the dining table. See the cabinet with single bowl sink and the faucet stands next to the dining table. They are black chairs with wooden table. There is living room or family room next to the dining table. The sofa and table stand nicely next to the dining table. They are facing the wooden storage. Above the storage is the television adhering on the orange wall. There are some accessories next to the television.

Awesome Floating Staircase Design on the Orange Wall Use Metal Balustrade Lit Up by the Nature Sunlight Three Wall House

The next picture is the stair. There is a stair as the connection between upstairs and downstairs. The stair is designed with timber and black guardrail. Under the stair is the room. You can see the door on the wall. Well, you have seen these pictures which can be house remodel plans ideas reference for creating fresh performance.

Exciting Design and Architecture of the Three Wall House with Bridge that Joined the Main House to the Detached Garage

Fabulous Gardening Idea Outside the Three Wall House view by Night with Raised Porch Design Use Concrete Flooring

Fancy Grey Fabric Sofa and Round Table at Living Room Lightened by the Sunlight Three Wall House with Artistic Wall Decals

Fresh and Airy Porch with Stylish Dining Furniture at Three Wall House Showing Oval Table and Slim Dining Chairs

Modern Landscape Garden with Small Vegetations and Large Concrete Area at Three Wall House Applied Orange Painted Wall

Striking Outside View of the Three Wall House with Orange Wall and Black Metal Fence Also Concrete Driveway Design

Sleek Open Floor Living Space Inside the Three Wall House Showing Modern Kitchen and Grey Granite Countertop Design

Stunning Outdoor Hallway Design at the Three Wall House Use Wooden Floor and Concrete Baustrade to Give Secure

Wonderful Backyard Landscape with Modern Tiered Garden and Swimming Pool Surrounded by Green and Lush Bush

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