House Renovation Updated with Modern Architecture Design

Benedini & Partners completed this house renovation project at 2009 in Montonate, Italy. This building is actually a historic site with an old-fashioned design. The designer is trying to make a new appearance of this house using the contemporary accent. It comes with an amazing result. Now the house has a fresh appearance with its original shape building.

Stunning Oversized Lamp above White Table and Wooden Chairs inside House Renovation in Montonate with White Ceiling

The house renovation ideas are about making a new house appearance without change the main characteristic of this house. As you can see, there is still an old firewood ceiling design on this building. The interior has its spacious area with some rustic wooden furniture. It has a calm color nuance with its shiny laminated floor. The large window on the living room provides a good lighting setting to bring the warm nuance on this house.

A staircase corridor also has bookshelves on its side. This is interesting because this house has a useful space effectively. The bathroom is designed in a modern architecture. There is a glass separator on there. It also has a window on there. Feel the warm and cool breezing air on here. You will always get some relaxing mind on there. Some floral decoration is also placed on the kitchen. You can see some beautiful shades of nature on here. Green and gray is a nice color combination as the interior design theme.

Wide Fireplace Completing the House Renovation in Montonate Living Room with Long Rattan Sofas and Concrete Floor

Well, this project has a good result. It’s a beautiful masterpiece that the designer should be proud with their creation. The obscure illumination comes from the box light on the staircase adds the elegance of this house. There is a good design on some corner of this house. The classic and vintage characteristic still can be found on this house. You can take this as your home improvement ideas and let’s start make some sketch to figure out your design.

Appealing White Island Located in the House Renovation in Montonate Kitchen with White Drawers and Glossy Countertop

Classic White Iron Twin Beds Located beside Bright Lamps and Black Nightstand inside House Renovation in Montonate Bedroom

Cozy White Tub Placed inside House Renovation in Montonate Bathroom with Long Vanity and Hardwood Floor

Fascinating Rattan Sofas Placed in House Renovation in Montonate Living Room with the Fluffy Throw Pillows

Interesting Rattan Sofa and Fluffy Throw Pillows Located beside Wide Fireplace in House Renovation in Montonate Living Room

Minimalist Staircase Decorated with Bright Lamps on Concrete Wall beside White Bookshelves inside House Renovation in Montonate

Traditional Wooden Ceiling and Rattan Sofas Completing the House Renovation in Montonate Living Room with Concrete Floor

Unusual White Sink Placed on Concrete Wall inside House Renovation in Montonate Bathroom with Glass Shower Space

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