Incredible Ideas for “I Love Lucy” décor on the Kitchen

Due to the popularity of the show, “I Love Lucy” décor is also being a trend. First aired on 1951, “I Love Lucy” was quickly become worldwide phenomenon. The show even still aired in multiple languages across the world until today. Various merchandises related to the show are produced and also become trending worldwide. This ten years TV show is proofing its popularity even after half century later.

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After its worldwide popularity, everything seen on the show is quickly being imitated by fans. Chef hats, bedroom setting and of course the famous kitchen set are the example of the popularity of this show. If you are looking for some “I Love Lucy” décor ideas for kitchen, here is a project from Richard Wintersole Architect that would be a reference for a modern version of the famous “I Love Lucy” kitchen model. The kitchen is still has the same layout with the set on the show but it is designed to be more modern and contemporary.

As you’ve seen on the show, on the right side there will be fridge and microwave, kitchen sink on the center of the set and also the stove set on the left side. This layout is kept originally just like on the show, but the kitchen set model is way more modern. The kitchen set is all fully furnished and has stark lines on the design. The brown color is dominating the kitchen to give the warm glow nuance on this area. The big wide glass windows are above kitchen sink to let the sunlight in. The dimmed lights are decorated this kitchen area and create modern impression for instance.

Beautiful Modern Kitchen Wooden Floor Modern Kitchen Makeover

The dining table is also designed with modern style. The table is made from tempered glass with two metal structures on each side. The bar seats are made with modern design, equipped with plastic seats. This kitchen is a perfect model if you want to modern touch for “I Love Lucy” décor kitchen.

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