Indoor Swimming Pool with Chic Room Designs

The appearance of the indoor swimming pool is the best alternative because the people feel bored because of outdoor pool. This time, we provide best example of a home with the pool inside the home. Besides, this home has chic room designs. So, you will feel like live in the best living place in the world. These pictures are from a project namely Puerto Bello. This project is designed by RSB Digital Photography. Check this out to know more information.

Astounding Screened Pool Design of Puerto Bello with Transparent Glass Walling and Roofing for Accessible Panoramic View and Natural Light

See the pictures here. See indoor swimming pool design first. The cute swimming pool is designed under the glass wall and window. Even though the pool is in the inside house, but you can still enjoy fresh view from the outside. Moreover, in the night, you can swim with enjoy sky light view which full of stars and moon. This house is protected by the white fence. So, the people can’t reach this pool easily. Well, you can enjoy swim although the rain is falling down.

Then, see the bathroom. The cabinet with green counter board has the sink and the faucet. Above them is the mirror. Next to them is the toilet. Above and in front of the toilet is the iron shelf for hanging the towel. In the corner of the room is the brown bathtub. Between bathtub and the toilet is the white curtain as the separation. This wall is also designed in brown color. Then, the brown tile flooring appears as the nice floor in this room.

Bright Family Room of Puerto Bello Completed with Wall to Wall Carpet and Patterned Sectional Sofa in Grey Touch for Elegant Look

See the kitchen then. It is open kitchen concept. The wooden storages are arranged nicely along the wall. It is beautiful wall, because this wall is flower pattern wall. In the middle of the storages is the white door. Next to this kitchen is the dining table. The yellow flower is on the table to increase the performance of the table. It is chic kitchen is not it? After seeing indoor swimming pool designs pictures, probably you can apply the pool and room concept from this project.

Alluring Home Exterior Design of Puerto Bello in Traditional Design with Concrete Driveway Surrounded with Green Landscape

Astonishing Kitchen Interior Design with Wooden Furniture Set Decorated with Wallpaper and Natural Accent with Flower on Dining Table

Elegant Sitting Area of Puerto Bello with Wall to Wall Market Furnished with Brown Sectional Sofa and Classic White Chair

Excellent Bathroom of Puerto Bello Featured with Wallpapered Wall and Tiled Floor and Furnished with Custom Vanity with Double Sinks

Formal Dining Roomw with Wooden Oval Table and Classic Chairs Decorated with Beautiful Purple Flower and Defining Chandelier above

Imposing Living Room Interior Design with Floral Patterned Seating with Geometrical Wooden Side Tables to Match with Wall to Wall Carpet

Inspiring Classic Rendering for Dining Room of Puerto Bello Suppored with Traditional Furniture and Antique Chandelier

Open Style Formal and Casual Dining Separated with Arch Lined Walling Furnished with Wooden Furniture Set

Refreshing Patio Design Idea of Puerto Bello Completed with Freshness Greens Planted Surrounding the Concrete Pathway

Simple but Interesting Home Entry Design in Neutral Tones with Diagonally Installed Tiles for Flooring in Cream to Match with White Painting

Spacious Bedroom of Puerto Bello Designed in Traditional Concept with White Bed Accompanied with Two Rounded Tables and Floral Patterned Sofa

Stunning Traditional Style Bathroom of Puerto Bello with Built in Tub and Shower Decorated with Green Trims

Stylish Screened Outdor Pool Designed in Unusual Wavy Lined Design Completed with Concrete Flooring Surrounding for Extra Space for Sitting

Surprising Patio Design of Puerto Bello in Screened Style with Glass Walling and Roofing Completed with Swimming Pool and Lounge Area

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