Inspiring Colorful Interior for a Modern Dwelling

If you want to see a cheerful home interior, then you should see a creation of colorful interior by Jean Verville Architecte. The Prismatic Colours is the project’s name of the house. This stunning home is located in Montreal, Canada. Every eye that sees the picture will love with the color combination that makes the house looks alive and impressive. You can start with the living room where you can see beautiful blue shades color from the sofa.

Bright White Ceiling Lamps also Purple Colored Rug Carpet

Look at to the sofa, you will find modern sofa design in bright blue color. You will not find ordinary coffee table in front of the sofa but a modern blue pouf. Have you ever see colorful flooring accent in your life? If you want to make an extraordinary interior decoration, then it is perfect for you to follow the idea of bright colorful floors. It can be a stunning colorful interior design that you ever see in life.

The designer is really smart in putting floor-to-ceiling wall mirror to reflect the color in that room. The room looks spacious than the real size due to the mirror installment. Look down the floor and you will find glossy flooring surface in bright red, orange, and yellow colors. There is sleek white table for the dining area and three yellow chairs. When you go to the kitchen room, you will see clean and clean kitchen. It has modern kitchen design with electric stove and metal countertops.

Colorful Floor which is Made from Marble

Go further, and you will find purple wall cabinet that leads you to the narrow corridor. The corridor looks so impressive with the combination of red wall paints, purple wall paints, and orange cabinet color. The corridor will lead you to the yellow room where you can find custom deck with sliding storage under the deck. This is one of the most stunning colorful interior design ideas in the world.

Colorful Marble Floor also Reflective Mirror Wall

Kitchen Island which Has Silver Stainless Surface

Little Staircase which is Covered near Yellow Color

Countertop also Silver Chimney Made from Stainless Steel

Marble Floor also Reflective Wall Made from Mirror Panels

Silver Stainless Chimney also White Bright Lighting

Soft Blue Sofas also Shiny White Marble Floor

Soft Yellow Chairs also White Colored Egg Chair

White Colored Marble Floor also White Wooden Wall

White Marble Floor also Dark Blue Colored Sofa

White Marble Floor also White Colored Concrete Wall

White Wall Made from Brickstones also Grey Concrete Ceiling

White Wall Made from Wooden Blocks also Grey Concrete Ceiling

Wooden Wall andn Several Bright Lighting on the Ceiling

Yellow Chairs also Old Grey Ceiling which is Made from Concrete

Yellow Colored Reading Spot also Red Colored Ceiling

Yellow Reading Place also Bright White Ceiling Lamps

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