Interesting Ideas for Home Transformation

Not only cars as you see on the movie, even home transformation is possible in these days. There will be time when you feel that your home design is no longer satisfy you. There will be time when these old interior design is started to be boring. And when that time is coming, you know that is a perfect time to do a transformation to your home.

Cozy Modern Living Room Grey Sofa Venice Transformation

One of the home transformation tips is to keep what it is that able to be kept from the old house. It is useful to keep your budget safe and also avoid you from doing unnecessary renovation to your house. For example, you can keep your home foundation and build the all new home on it. That way, you don’t need unnecessary budget to get rid of the old foundation and build a new one. You can use it and design your new home based on this existing foundation. Try to play on the volume of the house as well as on the lighting management to make a dramatic change.

If you need some ideas, here is a project house named “Venice Transformation” you can use as reference. The home remodel objection is to build a brand new house above the old foundation and do no square footage extension. For that reason, the all new house has the same exactly size with the old one. To change the look and enlarge the space, this house uses vertical landmark for the building and enhance the lighting inside of the house. The house has cubical form factor with many horizontal glass windows to let the sunlight come into the house.

Bright Modern Living Room Glass Window Venice Transformation

To create spacy feeling, each room inside of the house is connected to each other and has no particular room partition to separate it one to another. The living room for example, has unlimited sight to dining area and kitchen. This way, the entire home can looked way wider and more spacious. So, these are home transformation ideas you can use to transform your house into something new.

Awesome Modern Bedroom with View Glass Door Venice Transformation

Contemporary Venice Transformation Design Exterior Corner Glass Window

Exciting House Floor Plan with Number Venice Transformation

Fabulous Venice Transformation Exterior View White Concrete Fence

Gorgeous Living Room Grey Sofa Square Table Venice Transformation

Modern Dining Room Red Chairs Venice Transformation Interior

Modern Landscape with Outdoor Lamp Venice Transformation Exterior View

Sleek Contemporary Kitchen Glossy Wood Cabinetry Venice Transformation

Striking Contemporary Bathroom Floating Vanity Venice Transformation

Stunning Modern Pation Design Wooden Table Venice Transformation

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