Interesting Showers with Linear Drain

Shower is a wet place because it’s used specially for bathing. The place certainly requires drain to evacuate water. Thus, the water will not be stagnant in the shower. Drain for shower can come in various kinds or designs. However, I will focus to talk about linear drain in this article.

masculine bathroom present glass cubical shower paired with rain showerhead and smooth linear drain

What is linear drain? That may be your question. Well, linear drain is a drain installed on floor that certainly functions to evacuate water. The drain is made to have the same height with the floor. Therefore, people often call it as linear drain. Stainless steel becomes the main choice to make linear drain for shower because the material is resistant to corrosion. Before installing the drain in a shower, you certainly need to create waterways under its floor.

With linear drain, then a shower doesn’t need to have an extreme sloping floor. Thus, it can prevent falls. The first picture presents a modern shower with stainless steel linear drain. You can find the linear drain on center of the shower floor. It blends perfectly with the modern concept of the shower. Meanwhile, gray square tiles attach on the shower wall and creating elegant impression. The wall even has built-in shelves for putting soap bottles. Above the shelves, there is a wall-mount rain shower head. Modern glass enclosure completes the shower.

fantastic bathroom equipped with twin mirror above washbasin also cubical shower with linear drain

Moving to the next picture, there is a beautiful white shower with glass door. The shower is set beside a lovely white bathroom vanity. Stainless steel linear shower is interestingly installed on the line under the shower’s glass door. If you don’t look at the line closely, then you may think that it’s just a decorative accent. It’s very interesting, right? The linear drain serves not only to evacuate water, but also to enhance the shower appearance. Are you interested to install linear drain in your own shower?

ceiling light illuminate tile bathroom paired with vanity plus cubical shower with linear drain

corner bench for tile cubical shower equipped with linear drain filled on classic bathroom

cubical shower present bench and designed with tile wall also floor plus paired with wave in linear drain

individual caption linear drain for cubical shower paired with rain showerhead also glass door

modern bathtub in bathroom aside cubical shower with glass door paired with stripes linear drain

simple vanity aside cubical shower paired with individual caption linear drain designed with tile floor also wall

standing rain showerhead in cubical shower designed with tile wall also floor paired with smooth linear drain

wall shelves rain showerhead also bench in the bathroom designed with tile wall and stripes shower linear drain

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