Interior Design with Eclectic Theme for Furniture Arrangement

Stephane Chamard has enchantingly shaped a dynamic and stylish interior design for this modern retreat named Coach House. With a lovely eclectic theme for the furniture arrangement, this house stands elegantly in Canada. We could start to find how eclectic furniture could produces an ultimate modish outlook in the main living room first. Blonde wooden floor and white painted wall appear as the best background for black sectional sofa and armchairs, modern poufs, and concrete fireplace. Some eclectic accessories were also appeared in term of escalating the beauty of the room. They are grey fluffy rug, spherical glass coffee table, artistic pendant lamp and some table statues.

Large Living Sofa with Dark Egg Chairs Facing Coffe Tables Books Escort mat Coach House Stephane Chamard

Moving from the living, we find the dining room has an enchanting decoration with lovely modern furniture. Through impressive modern interior design ideas, modest wooden dining table was set as the core along together with those black chunky chairs. The background itself is white painted wall which appears with modern double glazed windows. Some colorful flowers in the modest black pot and vases were put on the dining table. As a result, the outlook appears undeniably charming and appealing. The home owner will get the most sophisticated and comfy living space.

Moreover, we will directly feel so amaze with the decoration of the bedroom. Wooden floor was installed along with white painted brick wall and some double glazed windows. The furniture and accessories itself emerge in a very dazzling concept. Black modern bed was completed with bright red pillows and artistic bedcover. Then, charming red fluffy rug and some red modern armchairs with metal legs also become the next captivating features. Some accessories such as modest table lamps, contemporary art paintings and some modern photography were also appeared as the complement.

Gravy Red White Furnitures of Coach House Stephane Chamard Interior Area Showing the Chair Dresser Opposited

All of the features, specifically those eclectic furniture apparently demonstrates the best view of modern style. Each room with precise arrangement has also demonstrated mature concept. In conclusion, this  modern interior design ideas representation will be very inspiring for any eclectic theme admirer out there.

Awesome Sculpture Beside Red Drawer Parfum Glass and Wines Showed at Coach House Stephane Chamard

Chic Red Dresser Book Telephone Beside Sculpture Under Ceiling Lamps at Coach House Stephane Chamard

Clean Hardwood of Coach House Stephane Chamard Taupe Colored and Door Opened Showing Red Dresser Area

Concerting Egg Chair Grey Colored Beside Fire Place and the Lamp at Coach House Stephane Chamard

Concerting Red Chair Beside Coffe Table Books Escort and Carpet Complement at Coach House Stephane Chamard

Cozy Bedroom with Red Pillows Between Stand Lamp Table Also at the Coach House Stephane Chamard

Cute Flowers on Wooden Dining Table Dark Chairs Gold Stand Lamps at Coach House Stephane Chamard

Dark White Chair Facing Ottoman the Stand Lamp Coffe Table Set Up Under Photos of Coach House Stephane Chamard

Glossy Sculpture Facing Red Chair Tv Accompanied at Coach House Stephane Chamard that Album of Singer Wallpaper Applied

Gravy Sculpture Drawer Under Photos Glass Windows Set Up at the Coach House Stephane Chamard Furnitures Framed

Interesting Coach House Stephane Chamard Chandelier Framed Above the Painting Wooden Drawer Porcelain and Red Flower

Neat Wooden Dining Table Flowers Porcelains Furnished at Coach House Stephane Chamard Illuminated by the Sun

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