Kitchen Island Design for Small Culinary Space

One classic problem in a culinary space is the short area available; one of the ways to overcome the problem is to use a compact and ergonomic kitchen island design. This stunning tower has all the features and appliances needed in kitchens. They fitted in a sleek compact structure in a functional and simple design. This is a module of single kitchen feature for a sustainable cooking. The brilliant designer Massimo Facchinetti has designed this kitchen module for CLEI.

Awesome Design of Island Kitchen Concept Vertical Shape for Small Space Interior Applied Portable Cooktop and Range Hood

This remarkable kitchen island design ideas feature the systems of energy saving. The energy of the electrical features are produced and powered by solar panels. The tower features a mini vertical garden aside where you can plant your own greenery and vegetables to use when you’re cooking. The vertical garden is mounted some small potted plants in a natty arrangement. Sleek washbasin is installed under the garden with an arch steel tap.

The design of this unit is smart and very simple. The water from the washbasin can be filtered and reused for the dishwasher. The water is through several filtering processes to fulfill the water needs in the kitchen including to water the plants of the vertical garden. It also features system for washing and rinsing with rotating hood. This unit is made to maximize and to take the advantage of vertical space in your culinary area.

Appealing Island Kitchen Concept with Metal Sink and Faucet also Small Microwave Above It Add LED TV on Wall

This compact tower also has custom appliances such as a vent hood and a microwave. The rotating hood will allow you to hide the features and appliances whenever you don’t need them. Thus, it will help you to make narrow space looks tidy in a sleek vertical line. You can find some integrated storage on the lower section. A refrigerator and a system of integrated cooking are featured in a natty vertical feature. The refrigerator of the incredible kitchen island design ideas for small spaces provides quite spacious space to accommodate your groceries and foodstuffs.

Brilliant Island Kitchen Concept Vertical Design with Hidden Cooktop and Small Table Applied also Modern Storage

Contemporary Island Kitchen Concept for Small Interior with Vertical Shape Applied Range Hood and Cooktop in One Line

Exciting Extended Cooktop Design on New Island Kitchen Concept Applied Metal Sink Faucet also Vertical Planter Ideas

Fabulous Design of Island Kitchen Concept wit Modern Cooktop and Small Range Hood Displayed also Vertical Planter

Fascinating Design of Island Kitchen Concept with Modern Cooktop and Faucet Sink Applied also Small Serving Table

Gorgeous Island Kitchen Concept with Modern Range Hood Above Cooktop with LED Lamp and Metal Frame

Innovative Design of Island Kitchen Concept Vertical Shape with Rotating Part of Appliance Such Cooktop and Microwave

Marvelous Island Kitchen Concept Ideas with Vertical Planter Above the Sink Applied also Electric Range Hood Design

Modern Island Kitchen Concept with Metal Sink and Faucet also SMall Microwave Above It Add with Vertical Planter

Remarkable Design of Island Kitchen Concept with Built in One Microwave and Cooktop also Metal Sink and Faucet

Smart Island Kitchen Concept All in One with Small Refrigerator on Bottom and Microwave Above it with Range Hood on Top

Simple Standing Island Kitchen Concept for Small Interior with Extended Table Add with Vertical Planter on Plank

Sophisticated Island Kitchen Concept Applied Simple Design for Small Interior Applied All Kitchen Appliance in One

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