Loft Design System with Beauty in Black and White Combination

In central Stockholm, Sweden, a loft design system has been created. As a small loft in only 68sqm width, the designers have to outsmart the space problems by applying proper coloration around the room. White and black are the chosen tones that you can see here. Take a look at the first picture. Simply you can see how a dining room and a living room are merged in one area with simple touch of neutral colors: black and white.

Black Chairs and Wooden Table that Ceiling Lamps in White Color

Now we move to the second picture to see it clearer. From this corner, you can see a living room been built near a spacious window. The sofa and seats there are black, completed with a wooden coffee table as the center. Patterned carpet in black and white lies under them perfectly. A simple dining room and kitchen are seen in another corner, and they are presented in the next picture. See the third picture that presented. A spacious wooden table and its 8 black dining chairs are standing together on the black floor near the window. Not far from them, a clean white kitchen island and its simple design also completes the furnishing. Let’s explore more about the loft design system.

In the fourth picture, we can see the kitchen even clearer. The kitchen island has some chairs stand next to it. The kitchen utensils and cabinets are right across the island, and colored also in clean white. You can see also some frames of photographs hang on the white wall, accompanied by some other decorations. Let’s see the loft from another point of view through the next picture. From here, you can see a simple living room that dominated in black better. There, on the wall, a spacious bookshelf hangs on the wall within its white tone. A simple white ladder stuck on a white wall too to take you to the hidden bedroom.

Contemporary Liivng Room with Wooden Table and Chairs Also that Library Showing Neat Decoration

For the closing, let’s see better and clearer to the living room. 6 parts of the windows that you see here will help the lighting goes even better in bright days. Enjoy your leisure with your family by watching TV or talking each other. Or maybe spending time by reading books is also a good choice to do. Simple white rounded lamp that hangs on the ceiling adds the beauty in simple way too to the living room. So, what do you think about the loft design system you just have seen?

Contemporary Loft Bedroom with Glass Windows which Connected the Sun Light

Contemporary Loft Livign and Dining Room with Glossy Floor feat Rug Decor

Contemporary Loft Living and Dining Room Under Ceiling Lamps in White Color

Contemporary Loft Open Space Living and Dining Room with Druits Under Pendant Lamp in White Decor

Dining Table with Black Chairs Under Ceiling Lamp in White Color

Entarnce White Wall that Black Wooden Floor Make Good Combined the Decor

Flower Beside Appliance in Black White Contemporary Loft Kitchens

Kitchen with Wooden Bar Stools Facign Fruits Beside Planter which Standing Alone

Bedroom with Steel Bedcover feat Red Carpet and Gold Wall Decor

Bahtroom with Green and White Wall Themed Make Perfect the Room

Bahtroom Showing Mirror Under the Lamp which Giving Bright the Area

Living Room with Black White Rug Decor that Glass Windows Showing Outside View

Upeer Bedroom Leader with Stair and Steel Floor Decor

White Wall Themed in Black White Contemporary Loft Bahtroom

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