Luxurious Modern Bathroom for Large House

Not just for cleaning purpose, a bathroom has another function to wear your make up and also as a place where you can relax yourself after work, and that’s why a modern bathroom that usually has larger space than the traditional has become many people’s choice nowadays. The Corey Company CustomTile has made two examples of this type of bathroom to us by in the house of Los Alamitos.

Bright Interior for Contemporary Bathroom of Los Alamitos with Two Architectural Windows at Vanity and Shower Areas

This modern bathroom design uses white colored granite tiles as the main material combined with wood and glass. You can see from the pictures that the shower has a glass wall and door to separate it from the rest of the bathroom to prevent the water from overflowing to all around the bathroom floor. The shower itself uses different flooring with white small tiles, while the rest uses granite floor, same as the wall, while the door to other room in the house uses wooden door with dark color.

The cabinets made from wood with dark brown color and white granite tops. There are also some drawers put here with button-shaped handles. The first bathroom has two large wall mirrors separated by a white-framed window with the same size as the mirrors. The other bathroom also uses two mirrors but separated by a black wooden separator. Both bathrooms use wall lamps put above the mirrors. The first bathroom uses orange lights, and the other uses white lights.

Excellent Classic Rendering with Traditional Wall Lamps Installed above Wall Mirrors for Tranquil Lighting Supporting Serene Ambiance

For the decoration, the first bathroom uses a hanged painting right outside the shower’s door and also potted flowers placed above the toilet. Other decorations are the two small rugs placed outside the shower and on the floor near the sink and also some flowers near the window. The second bathroom use statues that represent the sea like starfish and seahorse to be the modern bathroom decorations with clean white color.

Alluring Contemporary Bathroom Shower in Combination of Glass and Marble Walling Featured with Window for Natural Lighting

Astonishing Shower Space of Los Alamitos Contemporary Bathroom Added on the Corner with Toilet Nearby

Captivating Modern Bathroom of Los Alamitos Designed in Neutral Tones Interior with Stylish Wall Divider with Glass Addition

Excellent Combination of Bathroom Space Divider with Marble and Glass Materials for Undeniable Luxury in Style

Fascinating Modern Bathroom of Los Alamitos with Marble Walling for Luxury Touch Surrounding Shower Space with Glass Divider and Door

Inspiring Black and White Modern Bathroom of Los Alamitos with Double Vanity Areas for Couple Divided with Black Divider

Luxury White Modern Shower of Los Alamitos Bathroom with Marble Walling Combined with Tiled Flooring Featured with Stainless Steel Appliances

Stunning Luxury Modern Bathroom of Los Alamitos with Black Vanity with Marble Countertop and Framed Wall Mirror above

Surprising Unsparated Modern Vanity with Double Sinks and Mirror for Two with Removed Divider and Window Addition

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