Magnificent Bookstore Design from Renovated Church

Using an old church to be remodeled as a bookstore will be resulted in a one of a kind bookstore design. A church in Maastricht, Holland can be used as a great example of that kind of church. This church has been converted into a bookstore as an outcome from an architectural project that was successfully done by Merkx+Girod Architecten. That Amsterdam-based architectural firm has remodeled this Dominican church that originally was built in 13th century.

Black Colored Floor Made from Marble Material

The designer preserves the originality of the church exterior design. It still has a great facade that adorned with big double doors and a huge window with decorative window trellis above it. The decorative trellis on the huge arched window really shows its 13th century Dominican church characteristic along with its rustic brick walls. From the outside we can guess that the interior of this church will make a great bookstore design layout due to its enormous size that will provide a lot of space.

The huge room inside the church now is filled with racks jam packed with thousands of books. All of those books are stored in big black bookshelves attached on the side walls of the church hall. Those shelves have two upper levels that creep up the side walls. However the shelves never touch the ceiling since this church has a really high arched magnificent ceiling that creates a majestic sense for everyone who is inside this bookstore.

Blue Chair also Grey Colored Wooden Reading Table

There are many showcase tables which are placed among big poles that rise up to the ceiling. The showcase tables have light wooden color in sleek design and bold line. There are also some tables in block design that also showing some books. This bookstore also includes a coffee shop placed near the altar. There are some dining sets placed on the altar of the church. Those dining sets mostly used white coffee table along with a black round chair. This remodeled church shows a great bookstore interior design layout inside a magnificent building.

Bright Outer Wall Made from Stone Material

Circle Shape of Pendant Lamp on the Ceiling

Dark Brown Bookshelf Made from Wooden Material

Dark Brown Cafes Countertop Made from Wooden Material

Dark Grey Pillars Made from Concrete

Grey Floor Made from Marble also Several Black Bookshelf

Grey Floor Mat also Black Wooden Bookshelf

Soft Brown Curvy Pergola Made from Wooden Material

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