Minimalist and Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas

Living in an apartment has a positive and negative impact. Then, if we talk about designing the room in an apartment is not an easy thing, because we have to deal with the small space, which is still available. Living room is a room which usually needs a big space so that it can accommodates a big number of people within it. Therefore, we will tell you about the minimalist and modern living room for your apartment through these pictures.

catchy white apartment living room with two tier coffee table on pink area rug set in front of brown sofa bed

For the first instance, you can take a look at the opening picture. The color combination of the living room represents a modern apartment living room. The living room consists of some colors such as red, grey, white, and black. The furniture that is applied in it are also properly chosen. It applies a L-shaped sofa with red tone. The red toned sofa is combined with white pillows on it and accompanied with a white squared coffee table in front of it. Under the sofa, there is also a grey carpet. For the walls, it combines red color on the right side wall while the other side is painted with grey tone. Move on to the second picture. It has a minimalist and simple layout of a living room. It places two white-toned sofas opposite each other, with a mini coffee table between them. A television screen is also well placed and having a black square frame behind it. Parquet material still being the best choice for the floor, so it does apply it for the living room floor.

Switch to the thirteenth picture. It explains a lot that a narrow space is not a matter of create a fascinating and modern apartment living room. It applies some furniture properly for the living room such as the cream-toned sofa, a white coffee table in front of it, and a medium size screen placed on a white wheeled table. To give an elegant touch for the lighting, it uses a black night lamp at the corner.

clean laminate floor decorated with modern black and white apartment living room interior set plus framed glass wall background

comely white apartment living room shows comfy sectional sofa faced small console table set near doorway

cool black and white apartment living room theme colors paired with comfy red sofas under decorative pendant lamps

long green area rug put in front of brown apartment living room sectional sofa set in front of framed windows design

narrow white apartment living room shows wooden desk and credenza set before brown sectional sofa and coffee table

oversized ball lantern decorate apartment living room with black sectional sofa bed faced wooden coffee table

plain white apartment living room interior set with cozy blue corner bean bag chair plus rainbow wall painting accent

small square black glass coffee table paired with brown sectional sofa set in white apartment living room design

two tone brown apartment living room interior set beside glass doors also dining table set designed for small space idea

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