Minimalist Modern Loft in Italy Celebrating Rustic Influence

This minimalist modern loft is another great job done brilliantly by q-bic. Originally an old industrial building that is located in Florence, this loft apartment is transformed into a cool modern living space that celebrates the rustic influence for its main element. It is all thanks to the generous use of reclaimed wooden pallets which natural color and texture can make this loft interior simply fascinating.

Awesome Wooden Bench with Wheels as Ottoman Installed in Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design Bedroom with White Couch

First of all, the interior of this loft apartment is designed in semi-open plan with partition-like fixture to provide a small dose of privacy for every room. This creates a totally spacious and airy interior which may allow the reclaimed wooden pallets as integral part of this minimalist modern interior design stands out beautifully. Well, just take a look at this airy and light kitchen. There, it is undoubtedly hard to notice the sloping ceiling design with wooden pallets wrapping. Yet, the matching wood element can be spotted on the cool modern kitchen island design as well. You can also find how this kitchen can enjoy plenty of natural lights thanks to the skylight feature.

In fact, skylight feature is installed in every functional space. Just take a look at this minimalist modern bedroom designed with open bathroom. There, it is undoubtedly easy to spot the use of wooden pallets for bathroom vanity, which blends flawlessly with minimalist white basins. To protect the privacy of this private room, the partition is installed with sliding doors.
The dining room next to the kitchen showcases the simple monochromatic interior which may get along with this minimalist loft interior design. See also how these neutral colors may integrate with natural wooden texture perfectly. Despite the spacious enough room for a larger dining set, this room simply occupies the minimalist round white table with cozy black chairs. This allows the circulation of this loft interior works really well.

Contemporary Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design Dining Space with Decorative Hanging Lamp above Round Dining Table

The living room also celebrates the similar interior color, yet you can find bright colors to accent as provided by various items kept safely on modern modular shelves. Featuring the cozy modern leather sofa in black, this social area also offers more spacious seating on the other room. As you can see, the long as part of this minimalist home interior design showcases another brilliant use of reclaimed wooden pallets which is equipped with fluffy pads for more comfortable leisure times spent with family and friends.

Captivating Family Room inside Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design with White Painted Couch and Black Leather Sofa

Appealing Decorative Vanity and Twin Porcelain Sinks Installed inside Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design Bathroom

Delightful Kitchen Island and Cabinets of Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design Coupled with Pendant and Shelving Units on Wall

Fabulous Hanging Lamp above Round Dining Table Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design Coupled Gray Swivel Chairs

Fascinating Twin Porcelain Sinks Installed in Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design Bathroom Mixed with Standing Mirror

Neat Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design Interiors Showing Gray Swivel Chairs Platform Bed and Decorative Wood Vanity

Spacious Free Space of Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design Showing Sitting Space between Dining Space and Bedroom

Stunning Black Leather Sofa and Round White Side Table of Reclaimed Pallet Interior Design Mixed Long Sofa

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