Minimalist White Loft Designs with Classic Look to Express Your Self

This white loft designs will give you a lot of inspiration if you want to have a classic feel for your home. One thing that will cross your mind once you see this decor is that the loft looks so clean. It also looks brighter and spacious when you employ white accent for your room’s widest surface area. However, if you feel all white decor is not your right color, because it feels boring, you can add it with other bold colors to make it more inviting.

Cozy Living Room Design with Grey Sofa and White Coffee Table in Flatiron Apartment Loft Applied White Oak Floor

The white loft interior design applies a minimalist style of home decoration. The room which applies this style will look simple and yet cozy. The way to create this home decor is by applying white color to your floor, walls, and ceiling. Use this classic color to dominate your room. However, you have an option to apply other neutral color to your couch in the living room, grey for example. Add several pillows in the same color.

You can then put stuff in different colors here and there to create more inviting room. That’s the advantage of the neutral colors application on your wall. Select some bold colors for your accent pieces, like the tall pile of books in the corner, or the world map on the wall. In the bedroom, that also has all white design, you can add your personal touch by attaching some of your drawings in different colors.

Brilliant White Bedroom with Colorful Wall Art Above the Pillows in Flatiron Apartment Loft Applied White Sideboard

In the kid’s room, the decorative items look even more attractive with colorful building blocks. You can also hang your little one’s creative projects on the wall. That way, you can decorate his or her room, and make the child feel so proud too. Even though white is the feature of the minimalist loft design, it still allows you to express your personality.

Enchanting Bedroom with Glass Shower Door in Flatiron Apartment Loft Applied White Vanity also White Bath Tub

Exciting Bedroom in Flatiron Apartment Loft with Chalkboard and Striped Chair Also Applied Twin Window with Bench

Exquisite Kids Bedroom with Single Bed and White Night Stand Inside Flatiron Apartment Loft Add with White Arco Lamp

Fabulous Dining Nook in Flatiron Apartment Loft with Wooden Dining Table and White Chairs Under White Pendant Lamp

Fancy Grey Sofa and White Coffee Table in Flatiron Apartment Loft Add with Rocking Chair and Stacked Book on Corner

Fascinating Kids Playroom in Flatiron Apartment Loft with Colorful Furniture and Garland Above Lightened from Window

Sleek Kitchen Design in Flatiron Apartment Loft with Triple Metal Pendant Lamps Above Island with Granite Countertop

Stunning Living Room in Flatiron Apartment Loft with White Oak Floor Decorated Wood Floor Lamp Used White Lampshade

White Rounded Wall Covering the Staircase in Flatiron Apartment Loft Open Floor to Kitchen with White Oak Floor

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