Modern and Unique Design Ideas for House You Will Like

As suggested by many designers and architects, people cannot build a house by depending only on one sole theme. In this case, you will need to blend and mix more than one design. For example, take a look at these modern and unique designs applied to make a stunning house. Some people even may say that it is designed in traditional or rustic theme. However, it has one aspect of traditional house gets, which is large green grass.

Incredible Maroon Vertical Garden Beautifying House in El Ampurdan Exterior Wall to Contrast the Green Lawn around It

Let’s see at the exterior part this modern and unique house has. Main material used is rough bricks chosen in brown accent color. There are some other variations, for instance grey bricks walls and also furnished wooden materials. In addition, in order to make people inside can look at exquisite scenery outside then you need to install as well glass materials framed in light woods. Some trees are planted on grass field, whereas burgundy vines are grown against the stone walls.

As mentioned before, you would know that this house is built with so much nature sensation and feeling. Therefore, it also means to create outdoor setting. If you don’t really like too much sun heat, then you need to choose this semi indoor lounge zone. It consists of rectangular wooden table in black finish surrounded with soft brown chairs. Lots of sliding doors are installed to connect semi indoor room with outside.

Contemporary yet Warm Interior Decoration of House in El Ampurdan with a Set of Luxurious Living Room Furniture

In order to get maximum fresh air, place these chairs made of aluminum and iron metal materials. Near area of large swimming pool, you can see that lounge chairs are added from dark brown canes couches. Designing modern and unique house then is done to living area inside. It consists of fabric sofas with tufted accent. There are some recliner armchairs made of dark brown leather and wooden materials.

Airy House in El Ampurdan Dining Room Area with Double Entrance Setting and Concrete Outdoor Flooring under the Pergola

Artistic Climbing Vine Plant Decorating the Exterior Brick Tiled Wall of Rustic House in El Ampurdan

Cool Large Outdoor Infinity Swimming Pool Existence on Backyard to Contrast the Green Lawn Concept on the Front Yard

Fabulous House in El Ampurdan Architecture with Modern Rustic Living Space Architecture Concept Featured by Flat Roof

Inviting Double Style Entrance Door with Folding Panel to Cover Another Room Area Next to It as Modern House Trait

Large Green Manicured Lawn and Some Vegetation to Keep House in El Ampurdan Fresher and Inviting for the Owners

Long Narrowed House in El Ampurdan Building with Romantic Pergola and Open Home Flooor Plan to Adore

Luxurious Rustic House in El Ampurdan Exterior Design with Stone Tiled Walls to Emphasize the Traditional Country Theme

Magnificent Mediterranean Exterior Design of House in El Ampurdan in Clean and Sophisticated Architecture Style Idea

Minimalist Outdoor House in El Ampurdan Stair with Alley Concept to Strike the Rustic Home Exterior Design Perfectly

Modern House in El Ampurdan Architecture with Two Floor Concept to Divide into Several Parts of Essential Room

Nice Interior Transition Design with Cool Collaboration of Gray Concrete and Wooden Wall and Floor to Enlighten the House in El Ampurdan

Refreshing House in El Ampurdan Backyard Area with Outdoor Swimming Pool and Open Verandah Area for Relaxing and Sunbathing

Romantic Vertical Maroon Vine Plant to Cover the House in El Ampurdan Exterior Wall while Beautifying the House

Simple yet Clean Building Concept of House in El Ampurdan with only Several Trees to Give Some Shades Outdoor

Rustic House in El Ampurdan with Incredibly Large Manicured Green Lawn Dominating the Home Yard for Playing and Relaxing

Stylish Wood Wall Detail Applied on House in El Ampurdan Exterior Wall to Contrast the Gray Concrete Wall Concept beside It

Wonderful House in El Ampurdan Alley Entryway Concept with no Roof to Lead Everybody into Extraordinary Natural Scenery

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