Modern Apartment Decor of an Architect New Home in Singapore

Situated in Bishan Town, Singapore, this beautiful modern apartment decor was a project of AO Studios. This apartment is new home of an architect. Take the advantage of its location in a central of a city, the apartment offers captivating views to the occupants. The main purpose of this project was to create a sense of spaciousness to the apartment. Besides, the project also allows the flat to have a simple look and free from any clutter.

Appealing Living Room Design in Natura Lofy Ao Studio with Modern Grey Sofa and Closed Tablet on Wood Table

The minimalist modern apartment decor ideas accommodate three bedrooms and one of them becomes and also serves as dining room. Unlike most contemporary houses, the kitchen and living room don’t share and place at the same area. The homeowners want a private living space where they could enjoy their leisure time with their guests, friends or clients without any disruption from anything else.

The shared bedroom can be transformed into minimalist dining room. It took the designers ingenuity to fit everything in the shared space. The dining space becomes the focal point in the room. The rectangular dining table with white marble top can accommodate six people with idyllic wooden dining chairs. The guest room and dining room are contiguous and a 3-way wooden sliding door was designed to make the spaces easier to access.

Adorable Dining Room with Marble Top in Natura Lofy Ao Studio with Wooden Chairs Displayed Glass Waterpot

The open shelf in the home office looks chic with the simple modern line. Flat boards in black hue are arranged in horizontal array to fit with the built-in wooden shelf. Floating wooden desk is placed near this minimalist shelving and the window. Some drawers are installed beneath the desk with a wooden office chair and a black swivel chair.

The living room looks so simple with minimalist furnishings such as rectangular wooden coffee table, a huge brown pouf and pillowy gray sofa. The carpet is so unique with the feature similar with pebble’s array in an outdoor garden. This modest gathering space of modern apartment interior ideas is framed by wooden wall and translucent sliding doors which permits the homeowners to relish the outdoor view of the city and upstairs terrace.

Awesome Home Office Design with Wooden Desk and Chairs in Natura Lofy Ao Studio Applied also Eames Chair

Brilliant Home Office in Natura Lofy Ao Studio Bedroom with Solid Wood Fence Facing the Window Covered by Curtain

Charming Wooden TV Stand Design in Natura Lofy Ao Studio Living Room with Wide Screen TV and Modern Home Theatre

Cozy Living Room in Natura Lofy Ao Studio with Pebbles Carpet and Wooden Coffee Table also Grey Sofa Design

Exciting Terrace Design at Natura Lofy Ao Studio Open Space to Living Room with Different Floor Separated by Glass Door

Exquisite Dining Room in Natura Lofy Ao Studio with Marble Top Dining Table and Round Wooden Pendant Lampshade

Fabulous Wallshelf Design in Natura Lofy Ao Studio Made from Wood in Home Office Applied Wood Chair

Fancy Round Chair in Natura Lofy Ao Studio Living Room with White TV Stand and Pebble Carpet and Wooden Table

Gorgeous Wood Sliding Doors Designs in Natura Lofy Ao Studio Separated Kitchen and Dining Room also Hallway

Fascinating Hallway with Granite Tile Floor in Natura Lofy Ao Studio Applied Wood Sliding Door Hide the Dining Room

Long Hallway in Natura Lofy Ao Studio with Granite Tile Floor Decorated with Black Eames Chair Beside Wood Desk

Marvelous Bedroom in Natura Lofy Ao Studio with Wooden Floor and White Painted Wall Applied Grey Curtain Covering Window

Minimalist Bedroom with Wooden Floor in Natura Lofy Ao Studio Applied Grey Bedframe and White Duvet Cover

Sleek Bedroom with Small Balcony at Natura Lofy Ao Studio Applied Glass Door and Wood Floor also Wood Sideboard

Stunning Solid Wood Coffee Table on Pebble Carpei in Natura Lofy Ao Studio Living Room with Brown Chair on Corner

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