Modern Building Concepts Applying Creative Building Style

Creative building style that is modified futuristically actually will become modern building concepts that can be practiced well to design modern house living. Futuristic concrete construction decorates house building perfectly so it will create special and elegant house living concept. Stylish outdoor garage design actually also becomes additional exterior style that will give special impression to house building architecture created by A D Lab in 2 Andrew Road project.

Astonishing 2 Andrew Road Lab Equipped with Lavish Swimming Pool Surrounded by Ornamental Plants and Dark Outdoor Dining Set

Elegant glass wall decoration modifies exterior in this project actually will give positive value of house building concept built. It looks so interesting to be combined with natural exterior decoration concept that is created by applying green exterior plant decoration perfectly. Actually it will be green building concepts that have elegant building appearance. It is as important decoration style that must be applied well to create fresh house living impression.

Futuristic green area design that is made well surrounding main house building actually will decorate building to look more beautiful. It looks so elegant to be combined with white color theme used well to design main building modernly. In addition, wall plant decoration is also used well to design wall surrounding swimming pool so it will create natural and fresh swimming pool modification. Innovative exterior decoration theme used well to design creative building in this project will be able to create elegant futuristic house living with fresh house living appearance.

Fancy Ornamental Plants in Concrete Planter Beautifying 2 Andrew Road Lab with Glass Railing and Shiny Outdoor Lights

Transparent black aluminum construction is used fully to cover glass window. Actually it will make house exterior appearance to look more stylish. It is as innovative cover window design that will change exterior appearance in order to look more stylish. The window cover will be able to keep house interior in order to be still in a cool condition. Besides, it also as sustainable design concepts that will decorate house exterior stunningly, elegantly and stylistically.

Amazing 2 Andrew Road Lab with Large Swimming Pool and Patio Beautified by Fresh Ornamental Plants and Glass Railing

Beautiful Ornamental Plants in Concrete Planter with Glass Railing Beautifying 2 Andrew Road Lab with Dark Cladding Wall

Charming 2 Andrew Road Lab with Geometric Roof Modified as Planter Beautifying Garden Landscape with Ornamental Plants

Excellent 2 Andrew Road Lab in Asymmetric Design with Fancy Ornamental Plants on Futuristic Planter with Shiny Outdoor Lights

Fantastic 2 Andrew Road Lab with Fresh Ornamental Plants in Concrete Planter Embellishing Garden and Swimming Pool Area

Futuristic 2 Andrew Road Lab Covered by Dark Cladding Wall Sticking Out Natural Landscape with Green Roof and Gorgeous Pool

Gorgeous White Themed Bathroom in 2 Andrew Road Lab with Flashy White Bathtub and Freestanding Sinks near Glass Shower Cabin

Iconic 2 Andrew Road Lab with Small Glass Shower Cabin and Oval Bathtub behind Freestanding Washing Stand under Circular Mirror

Incredible 2 Andrew Road Lab with Fresh Ornamental Plants on Concrete Planter above Patio and Swimming Pool Area

Sophisticated 2 Andrew Road Lab with Swimming Pool and Shady Ornamental Plants in Small Concrete Planter

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