Modern Farmhouse in Surprising Appearance

You are invited to see a modern farmhouse by Wyant Architecture. This project name of this building is Farmhouse Addition and located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, United State of America. From the exterior side of the house, you can see the rustic atmosphere blended with contemporary style. It looks perfect from the outside and you still can see triangle roof design that shows you the traditional farm style. Now, you should see closer to the home building.

Bright Stone Wall also Vast Garden Filled near Green Grass

This home building is a comfortable two-story house with everything inside that makes you feel comfort. But before you step in, you should see the backyard area. When you go to the backside of the house, then you will see outdoor terrace with stone flooring and a set of outdoor wooden furniture. From the front face, you will see natural stone veneer wall around the house. The stone wall looks beautiful combines with glass panel at the front side of the house. The exterior side is standing for modern farmhouse style.

The interior side of the house is also makes you feel comfortable. You can enter the house through wooden entrance door. At the right side and the left side of the door, you can see floor-to-ceiling glass windows with wooden frame. When you open the main door, then you can find modern floating staircase at the left side of the door. The sitting room is located right in front of you with relax velvet couch in brown color and a classic grand piano.

Bright Stone Wall also Square Shaped Window Made from Glass Panel

When you sit on the couch, you will have wide vision to the backyard through wide glass windows. The whole room inside the house looks lavish with hardwood siding floors. Go upstairs and you will find modern master room with mosaic tile accent on the wall. The interior design is really nice and also representing a modern farmhouse style decorating in balance appearance.

Concrete Blocks also Several Wooden Sleeper Chair

Dark Brown Wooden Door Frame also Green Lime Painted Concrete Wall

Dark Brown Wooden Floor also Black Metallic Handrail

Dark Colored Concrete Wall also Bright Lighting from Inside the House

Light Brown Wooden Material also Dark Colored Metallic Handrail

Light Grey Concrete Floor also Soft Brown Wooden Door

Lighting from the Inside also Vast Garden Filled near Green Grass

Soft Brown Sleeper Chair also Light Grey Floor Made from Concrete Blocks

Old Green Painted Concrete Wall also Several White Ceramic Washtafel

Stone Material also Vast Green Grass Garden

Soft Sleeper Chair which Has Cow Skin Pattern also White Rug Carpet

Transparent Bottom Wall which is Made from Glass Panels which Has Black Metallic Frame

Transparent Wall which is Made from Dark Brown Wooden Frame

Wall also Bright Cream Lighting from Inside the House

Wall Made from Stone Material also Black Colored Rooftop

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